Kaunas, Lithuania

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 5

Legislation: In May 2003, new drug laws came into force. They prohibited possession of even a small amount of illicit drugs (including pot) with no intent to distribute. Possession and purchasing can theoretically result in a jail sentence of up to 2 years, but without imprisonment if the offence is judged to be a misdemeanour (smoking a joing in public). Traffickers may be sentenced for 5-8 years.

Law enforcement: you have to be thery carefull becose the cops might be listening to your call. so just calling your dealer and saying “yo, I need some weed about 2g” that’s bad so that’s why all Lithuania is calling weed -books =] its starting to be really popular and every dealer will understand. So a good way to say “hey, I wanted to ask if your had some good books or smth? I need about 2 books=] ” and if the cops are listening they won’t understand=] this is used in all Lithuania.

Where to buy marijuana: u buy it only from friends. like a friend of friend might now someone u sells. so as you some more often you start to meet people and u get closer to the main dealers. and if you not a prick you should meet the main homegrowers with labs and stuff => so they would sell for about 20lt a gram if not even less

Marijuana prices: 40LT a gram is the main price if your make it lower people will think that its poor quality and not buy.

Marijuana brands:

More information: no one really understands and are waching what are u smoking. so nobody gives a f**k. unless u make the joint smoking moves 😀 like when the filter gets hot u start to smoke short and often inhales. so best go a bit away from the streets. like a park or some nice place and have a good smoke =]

other thing never buy weed from gipsys . I know lots of stories from friends who had problems. They sell losts of weed and other drugs. so either u will get poor quality weed, get beaten up and your money, cell phone , rings and stuff will be gone. any way they usually cant be trusted. so stay away from them. but ofcourse sometimes it might be ok.