Karachi, Pakistan

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3.5

Legislation: In pakistan you go to jail for six months if they catch you with weed.

Law Enforcement: The cops take bribes – all of them…don’t worry about them..you can pay 5 or 6 dollars and get away with pretty much anything..

a local reporter added: “you dont need to worry about law and enforcement although hash is highly illegal but if you get cought with that you can easily get out of the trouble in a minute by spending 200 to 500pkr (4 to 9 dollars)approx.”

and also: ” Cops are easily bribed – though some are quite sketchy, a smile and a handshake will always chill them out….often followed by a quick bribe if they are getting anal or pushy.”

Where to buy marijuana in Karachi: Cchandni chowk is the best place..don’t ask around cause it’s not accepted.

a local reporter added: “In Karachi city the best place to get the hash at the cheeper rate is at the back side area of Pyala Hotel. here you will find lots of people selling hash openly and you don’t have to look for anybody.”

and also:”The best and safest way to get hash in Karachi is to try and ask some of the younger, trendier kids that you see driving around Zamzama Blvd. In smart Civics or Corollas – they will likely be very freindly and able to hook you up – or at the very least, help you out. Almost 70% of Pakistanis smoke and within the trend-setting, young, cool crowd of Karachi- that number rises to almost 100%. In an absolute worst case scenario…ask a sketchy looking cop! haha!”

Further reports indicated that there is no public spot where to buy pot. The best bet for a tourist would be to ask on of the truck drivers in Shiri-Jinnah Colony,. One can also ask the hotel taxi driver.

Karachi Marijuana Brands: Mostly indicas no hydro but really good kuush and the hash is worth trying.

and also: “Garda (if its soft and powdery, take out about a gram, mix a drop or 2 of water, and grind with your thumb and palm till soft,black and pliant” and Sheerah

Karachi Marijuana Prices: the price is very low. you can get 1 rod of hash by spending 120Pkr (2 dollars).

and if you negotiate, you migh get it for 100Pkr (1.7dollars)

and also: “For good hash – ask for Garda – prices will vary and 500 rupees will net you a good quantity (40 joints+) of high quality stuff”