Kamloops BC

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 5

Legislation: it is against the law to possess marijuana in Canada. If you have baggies, scales or other selling paraphenalia, you may be charged with trafficking.

Cannabis is schedule II in Canada (for more than 3 kg). Canada’s cannabis control laws are spottily enforced, with the west coast (British Columbia) being well known for its high quality cannabis and low levels of enforcement. In 2002, Canada’s federal government made several findings in favor of cannabis legalization and medical use approval. Although the status of medical cannabis is still in flux (sep 2002), the Canadian government has several times voiced its intention to support full medical use. Non-viable Cannabis seeds and Cannabis stalks (that do not include leaves, flowers, seeds or branches) are exempted.

In July 2000, an Ontario Court of Appeal ruled against the Canadian law because it did not address medical necessity and on July 31, 2001 a new regulation was enacted by the cabinet which addressed medical use. In January 2003, a lower Ontario court ruled simple possession laws banning cannabis unconstitutional, although it is unclear what the long term implications of this might be.

Law Enforcement: Cops might roll through the park every now and then, and I’ve seen two tickets issued, but unless you’re standing still and smoking a joint openly in front of them, they can’t really catch you. If you do choose to smoke in the parks or in public, just be sure to have a cigarette handy to cover the smell and you can blame it on someone else everytime.

Where to buy marijuana in Kamloops BC: Try the parks down by the river, pioneer more so than riverside. There’s always someone smoking a joint by the river, and they can either hook you up or recommend a buddy who can. Otherwise, look to the campus.

I you’re really stuck, ask anyone young, and three times out of four, they’ll be able to help you.

Brands: You can find all types, but a high grade indoor seems to be the norm.

Sometimes you may get a darker, denser indica, and it almost always is an indoor, sticky type.

We have some of the best in BC in are area trust me I know…

The thing to watch for is a crossbreed that contains too much sativa or was grown in to harsh of an outdoor environment, it gets thick, woody stems that you have to discard.

Kamloops BC Marijuana Prices: Prices range from the BC wide standard of $10 a gram, to $20 per 1/8 of an ounce (3.5g) If you’re really hurtin and it’s the beginning to middle of summer, you may have to pay high prices. As the year gets on towards fall, (mid julyish into aug, sept, oct) people will start to crop out and prices will go back down to $20 eigths. These prices should last into winter , maybe even all the way to spring, depending on your man’s supply.