Johnson City, TN, Tennessee

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3.5


Possession of any amount under one half ounce is a misdemeanor. Maximum penalty of 1 year and $2,500 fine. Minimum fine of $250. One half ounce or greater is considered to be intent to sell. One half oz – 10 lbs carries a penalty of 1-6 years and a maximum fine of $5,000. Paraphernalia possession is a misdemeanor, maximum fine of $2,500.

Law enforcement: Police in Johnson City are usually quite lenient for small possession assuming you are honest and cooperative. Based on the experiences of myself and several friends, being honest with the cops will usually result in them taking your stash and paraphernalia. However, do not attempt to bluff your way out of being searched, as they are small-town cops and will be more than happy to waste their time searching you for a potential bust. Watch for roadblocks at 4-way stops (Oakland Ave., Legion St. in particular). The officers will be wearing reflective vests and will be checking for seatbelt violations. If you are going to be driving after smoking, take every precaution (eye drops are a must) and you will be fine.

Smoking in public places is never a good idea, as the police watch for suspicious activity (especially younger people) and city public works employees will report such activity.

Where to buy marijuana: Places to look: If you are dressed “appropriately”, you will most likely to be able to find someone (be sure to explain your situation honestly). Look in the downtown area (Buffalo St.), ETSU campus area, Walnut St. (close to campus, check out places such as The Acoustic Coffeehouse, Italian Pizza Pub, Poor Richard’s, Highway Boutique), and the mall (but be careful, security has nothing to do and likes to bother people). Also check out Vito’s Italian on North Roan.

Marijuana prices: Mids: 1/8 $20-$30 1/2 oz $60-$80 1 oz $100-$120

High grade: 1/4 $50-70 1oz $200-$250

Marijuana brands: Maui


Ooey-Gooey Bigfoot


And anything else that is running from Knoxville or Asheville can be found on occasion. As always, be wary of mids being sold as something that it is, well, not.

More information: As the Appalachian area is a hotspot for drug moving, narcs are something that one needs to watch for. Be wary of high-school/college age girls that are very eager to make deals.

Head Shops:

Highway Boutique, Catch-22, Things (Elizabethton).