Jaffa, Israel

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: despite the fact that in jaffa marijuana is part of the culture, smoking, growing and selling is still illegal and you can get arrested for possesion.

Law enforcement: Although lots of marked police cars can be found in jaffa they don’t usually look for marijuana users and dealers.

Where to buy marijuana: The majority of people in jaffa smoke marijuana (hash) and will easily direct you to where you can buy marijuana. And don’t worryPeople in jaffa are very anti-police so there is no danger of you getting into trouble.

Marijuana prices: jaffa being the south of tel aviv has one of the lowest prices in the country. weed is not that common amoungst smokers in jaffa but very strong hash can easily be found. A finger of hash (melted on 10 cigs) costs 100 shekels which is about 20 US dollars. Grass is every cheap and goes for about a shekel a gram i.e 50 grams for 50 shekels (10 US dollars)

Marijuana brands: Many types of marijuana types can be found in jaffa, afghani, iraqi, irani, hydro and sometimes marrocan and jaras. Regular grass is harder to find but still possible.

More information: Since in jaffa the languages are arabic and hebrew you can ask someon in arabic “fi ishi rayeh jaie ?” which means is there anything going around ? (slang for “is there any weed?”) Or in hebrew “yesh kivun le grass” which means which means is there a direction for grass (slang for is there any grass). In jaffa like all of israel the preffered way to smoke is in a short test tube bong available in every kiosk in a variety of combinations. In jaffa it is traditional to smoke until the weed burns out and is sucked into the water leaving the test tube empty.