Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 2.8

Legislation: It is forbidden to cultivate and consume mary jane in istanbul. However 30 percent of the city is introduced with it. 15-20 percent of the city population smoke marijuana continously..

Law Enforcement: If you’re a foreigner no one will hassle you, still, do not smoke in public areas. Police are likely to bribe – no more than 50 us dollars.

Where to buy marijuana in Istanbul:

You can find lots of smokers around Caddebostan park in summer. If you ask them they will give you some or tell you how you can find. Also in Tarlabasi (near Taksim) it is easy to find smoker-seller. But in Tarlabasi, be careful not to be cheated.

From zeytinburnu and hacihusrev. it is better to find a smoking friend first in order to help you. This way, you wouldn’t be cheated neither with quality, nor price..

another reporter added: “In Taksim and Beyoglu area, ask around in bars but do not fool around too much in the backstreets.

Tarlabasi area is a place to get weed but going there is discouraged, it is not the safest place for a foreigner.”

Istanbul marijuana Prices: 25 grams for 80 us dollars. If it’s more, that means they try to cheat you as you’re a foreigner. Just be sure that quality is good by testing it (that is ok, they would allow you to try).

Istanbul marijuana Brands: Ot, ciragalık, esrar = buds Kubar, toz esrar = hash

More information: Don’t leave istanbul without smoking mary jane. this is not optional….

Try smoking weed in an authentic Nargile or water pipe if you can.

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  1. dimitri

    Those things are all lies!
    We visit IST (actually i’m still here) but i’m looking for the next airplane to Amsterdam, or Barcelona, or London, or Nicosia, or Athens or Bologna or Paris…. cause yes, in some of these cities is dificult to find weed(nicosia, london) at some others is really easy (amsterdam, barcelona, athens) but there is no possibility to be that much BAD TRIP like this in IST.
    The third day without weed,, after a long conversation in a bar with someone rasta haired guy, we really polite ask for 1-2grams, he get that much angry and he kicked us out of the bar. The next day, i ask from a friend to help me, so he suggest us one dealer in Sisli, we were living at TopKapi, and we spend 2hours to go and 2 hours to come back just to give him the money, after we went to Istiklal as to give us 2grams of mary jane (price: 50ytl, 25ytl/1gram.)he find us and said that we should try it first but he said that it was really dangerous because of the police (i forgot, the police don’t give shit about weed in ist, i took 2grams in my pocket in the plane, and i smoke good skunk in public next to the police and noone noticed that, it was a single rizla size cigarette), anyway, because of this dangerous policeman we start following him in some small roads without lights till we get (after a kilometer of roundabouts) to a parking place next to an italian private school, in this dirty dark and stinky parkingplace he give us half gram of the worst hash i have ever try! i ask him 4times if this is 2grams of weed, and his anwser was a rude YES! It was the worst experience i ve ever had, and of course it was impossible to ask this guy to change his mind….. + he try to sell us some so called cocaine for 350ytl per gram, we just ask to check it and that was Panadol Extra 😛 …… The worst thing was that when we decide to go and have a drink as to forget that scam we didn’t been accepted to any Club (we ask at about 20clubs) because we weren;t couple (it is not a joke) we were perfectly dressed and we had lot’s of money with us to spend but we couldn’t even get drunk! the last tragic thing in this story is that 2 perfect dressed man decide to but the most expencive raki from a super market (45ytl for the small botle) and drink some in Taxim square, but suddenly people come around us asking us to leave the place because we re “sinners, junkies, gay (wtf we re not gay), the devil” etc etc…… So if you still have to visit turkey brink your own skunk here noone will arrest you or harm you +if you like to smoke some good skunk or grass while drinking an efes pilsner and hearing turkish music then you should visit cyprus, weed is expensive (about 25eu/1gram) but it is the best and noone is gonna scam you, +efes beer and alcohol generaly is reeeeally cheap and you can smoke it everywhere aswell!

  2. DR

    Police are STRICT… if caught, you PROBABLY can bribe but don’t count on it. One small bag or two is also the maximum amount you should ever have on you, if you want any lenient punishment (like a bribe, or just ignoring). If you are a TURKISH citizen, then according to friends, they confiscate and order you to do drug tests in order to avoid anything further. If you are foreign, they probably won’t do as much.

    Regarding price… 2 gram bag of medium-quality weed, nothing fancy, usually bud with LOTS of seeds is about 20 LIRA. Price is alright, but its not so easy to get good material.

    Also, i have asked almost everywhere. Even the guys that look like rastaguys, hippies or potheads, usually are not. The most they do is drink Efes and smoke 40 fags a day… so don’t be happy when you see rasta looking people (though do ask… though be cautious!)

    All in all, it is difficult to find weed in Istanbul. Low quality. Definitely not like it *used* to be, back in the day.

    IF you are in TURKEY and wish to SCORE, the best bet is South East or South of Turkey. Or you can cross in to Iran and get all the hash you need if u sort a visa. good luck homies.

  3. hüseyin

    Dear Dimitri, this is not your fault, neither the city’s fault

    As a foreigner, there is a huuuuugeee chance that you will scam. You can get cheated on Athens, Istanbul, Moscow, Mexico City, it doesn’t matter. As a Turk, i’m reallyt hight right now, enjoying mah beeatiful KUBAR at mah place, alone.

    If i was in Moscow, i could get cheated. Unless i have local friends. My friends got a roommate from couchsurfing, a syrian guy who livs in amsterdam and stays in Turkey since 3 months, he enjoys his nice weed too.

    My advise is make some turkish friends, ask them discreetly, and they will introduce their certain friends.

    12.5 gr KUBAR (HASH, better than weed) is 100 TL(42 €) here, and nice quality btw.

    everyone got some “friends or friend of a friend” that is a reguler pothead 🙂


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