Islamabad, Pakistan

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: If you DO end up somehow getting caught (highly unlikely), you can face some time. However, I can’t exaggerate how unlikely it is to get caught in Islamabad. You see people sitting in the park and smoking in the open. You also see truck drivers smoking while they drive.

Law Enforcement: The police can be bribed with just $5-10 in most places, however the police are rarely around. You will see lots of traffic police but they won’t harrass you. They mainly only deal with traffic violations, and they’re weak even at that.

Where to buy marijuana in Islambad: Normally you can just get into a cab and ask the cab driver if he looks like hes cool. Don’t ask old cab drivers or religious looking ones. Also you can go to any of the slums in the city and ask anyone there and they will tell you who to buy one. My favorite is the famous “Mr.Black” in the F-7/4 French Colony just ask anybody for Kala.

another reporter added: “What I am going to say is not exaggeration. You can go to ANY of the ‘colonies’ they have throughout the country. For example go to the Christian colony near sector G7, or French colony.

Just ask for Charas (that’s what the locals call hash). “Charas hai?” to anyone you see smoking and just loitering around. If they don’t know they will ignore you, but most will either have it on them or direct you to where you can get it. ”

Islamabad marijuana Prices: For somebody from the west, prices here are extremely cheap. They are variable and if you don’t look like you belong there, they will rip you off, but we’re talking $0.50 cents extra or so.

A golf ball sized piece of hash will be no more than $5. It can also be free if you go near September because that’s when the flowers there are blooming. You can just walk around almost anywhere in Islamabad and cut flowering tops off and dry them or make hash.

Brands: Mainly Afghani sativa. Grown outdoors. A lot of the hash is grown locally, or poor teenagers will make hash at home and sell it.

More information: The plant grows natively throughout Pakistan. You can’t miss the smell/sight because the plant thrives there. Walking past a jungle of 10-20 foot Sativa’s is not uncommon.