Huntingdon Valley. PA, Pennsylvania

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 5


Law enforcement: Dont get caught. cops have nothing better to do then bust stoner’s.

Where to buy marijuana: In this subrub of philly (under 20 minutes to get into center city) theres not specific bodegas to stop for but theres a guy at the “in and out” on old york road and 63 . Look for the retarded eyes and ask for “Hasheesh”. Besides that you can find the goods at schools in the city (temple drexel penn) but a drive through any ghetto in north philly will hold what your looking for and then some.

Marijuana prices: 10 to 20 for kb’s

20 – 25 for goods

200-240 o of kbs

250-350 o of goods

Marijuana brands: You can find lots of different strands being the geographics of the city. With New York only a couple hours away and Allentown even closer there’s a variety to find. Good outdoors buds and high kb’s are everywhere. Occasionally, strong outdoors and sour diesel are around. Better Ak and good hydro are more rare but abundent. Dime bags of mids can be found at almost any gas station on broad, below 69th street.

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