Houlton, ME, Maine

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: As you travel further north in Maine you will notice the lack of a true population until you start getting close to Canada, this is where houlton sits, the people are pretty laid back and honestly only care about working, so just don’t step on any toes and you should be fine in this city.

You also have to remember that Maine has a medicinal marijuana law that only distributes a fine for having less than 1.25 OZ on your person,.

Law enforcement:Houlton does not have a town police station, however they do have the 2nd largest state police station in the state, and there is always border patrol (they wont bother you as long as you aren’t carrying enough to be considered trafficking) The state police are pretty lax, I have actually smoked with one officer,.. But really just don’t be dumb about it and they should let you be.

Where to buy marijuana:Buying pot in Houlton is interesting, as usual it is best to know someone in the area, but if you don’t your best bet is downtown, wonder downtown around the University of Maine campus and around the movie theater, there are a good bit of young college students who would most likely know someone who knows someone at the very least.

Marijuana prices:Bud in Maine ranges really it depends on what you are looking for and who you know. There is an abundance of green bud here, almost all of the stoner kids who leave for college during the fall and winter, grow pot during the spring and summer, so you will find a good deal of green bud for cheap come late summer early fall…

Dirt/Schwagg- Don’t bother it comes all the way from Mexico and is not even worth it here

Mids-25 1/8- 50-1/4- 75 or 80 per half

Greenbud- 35 1/8 and up the scale

Danks/known strains- 40 1/8 and up the scale

Marijuana brands:There is a good amount of BC bud, as well as Northern Lights, there is a good amount of white widow, and a little snow white, Maine smokers are pretty picky about what they are smoking so you will find some pretty good pot if you look. generally a couple people pushing bunk haze (just bud that got frost bitten) so look out for that, if you are looking for real haze you will most likely have to know what it looks like.

More information:Houlton is a nice city where everyone local knows almost everyone else, but no one really minds outside of their business. So finding a connection shouldn’t be that hard. look out for the courthouse downtown, and the prison downtown as far as people go, but other than that enjoy the brick buildings and small specialty shops downtown, also stop by Houlton Farms Dairy for possibly the best ma and pop ice cream shop in the US.