Hollywood, LA, CA, California

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4.5

Legislation: Legal for personal use with a card, dispensaries everywhere. Decriminalized for less than an ounce personal use, meaning you show ID, get a ticket, go to court and promise not to do it again, minors (<21) get DL suspended for a year, good thing is it’s illegal to even ask if youve been busted on a job app and it dissapears from your record after a few years.

Law enforcement: Police in Hollywood are usually few and far between, and preoccupied with demented crackheads to even bother. You have to be a real idiot to get searched on probable cause.

One thing to lookout for even if sober are thursday-saturday nights near the clubs or the strip, traffic is horrible, drunk driving is the norm, and traffic cops are on every corner, and will pull you over for incomplete stop, speeding, busted lights and ESPECIALLY loud music.

Where to buy marijuana: If you live around here, you already know someone that knows someone, just ask. If you don’t, check around downtown hollywood after school hours, ask anyone (especially a brother) just standing around outside a head shop, restaurant, bus stop, liquor store, metro station, seven eleven, movie theatre, cheap hotel or shopping mall. If you see someone standing around for more than five minutes without looking at their watch, odds are they slang. If you don’t mind dealing with them, Armenians typically go around town stoned as shit not even caring, ask one of them over in downtown. DO NOT ask a homeless person as they usually smoke to crack, DO NOT ask someone working in a headshop as they will at best dog your ass at worst call the cops.

Marijuana prices: Buying from a stranger will get you shitty prices, the rule is that you usually get charged double whatever they charge their friends. If your connect doesnt look like the type that carries heat, don’t be afraid to tell them he’s out of his fucking mind and you want a cheaper price.


Decent Sensi – low range for friend to friend high for stranger

$10 – $20 a gram

$35 – $50 8th

$50 – $80 quarter

Purple Kush or equal usually double above, stress half if not less (DONT BOTHER WITH STRESS HERE – even homeless people wont smoke it you can buy a beer and get higher than if you bought a QP of stress)

Marijuana brands: Anything from red hair chronic up to that shit you see winning the cannabis cup, Hollywood has about a billion dispensaries for medicinal patients, and the shit they sell usually doesn’t make it to the parking lot before half of it is sold.

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