Ho Chi Min City (Saigon), Vietnam

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 2

Legislation: Marijuana is illegal in Vietnam, as well as most other social vices. The penalties in the books are very strict, however the police seems to look the other way or will ask for a small negotiable bribe. The big problem in this country is opium and heroin so marijuana is not the police’s first priority.

Law Enforcement: Marijuana is illegal to sell in Vietnam, and it is technically illegal to possess. Normally the cops don’t care what foreigners do, but we have heard of some people getting into serious trouble. Smoking in some bars and pubs used to be absolutely OK, but things are changing as the city gets more tourism, so check with the local expats first. Two to three times a year the cops decide to crack down on social vices and nothing is available for a week or so, but usually there is a warning.

Our most recent report is: “The Vietnamese Government aren’t too bothered about the “white” tourist industry: they are preparing to become a major destination for the emerging Chinese tourist industry. So dont expect oo much patience or lenience if you get saught. Although it’s most likely you’ll serve some time and be deported, bear in mind that you can be executed for drug use in Vietnam. Be careful. Having said which, police seemed hardly interested in tourists.”

Where to Buy Marijuana in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon): In Saigon it is very easy to buy Marijuana, but be careful because it is also very easy to get ripped off. For small quantities of very low quality goods many of the cyclo (rickshaw) drivers and motorcycle taxi drivers can help you out. Be careful as many of these guys are depraved heroin and opium addicts and have been known to mug foreigners looking for girls or ganja. Always check the merchandise first: they will rip you off, but don’t let them rip you off too much. Remember bargaining is normal. Note that heroine is also sold and used in this area, so be careful, there are needles on the ground and the disastrous actions of addicts .

Our most recent report is: “From the roving booksellers. These guys walk around with a stack of books and pop in and out of cafes, restaurants and other touruist hang-outs in the back-packers areas. Ask. Sometimes they will offer without asking. Very easy to buy weed in HCMC”

Ho Chi Minh City Marijuana Prices and brands: The cyclo and motorcycle taxi drivers offer grass, but the quality is always unreliable. For 50,000 Dong (3USD) you will get a good 10 grams or more. Beware the quality is very low, but is worth it for shits and giggles. Hash is rare and usually expensive. An interesting note, papers are very hard to find, perhaps it is a good idea to bring your own papers to skin up with.

another reporter noted that prices are $5-10 for a few gram pre packed plastic bag

Country: Vietnam

Time Zone: UTC/GMT +7 hours