Hilton Head Island, SC, South Carolina

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 2.5

Legislation: Less than one ounce carries a simple possession charge. You will spend a night in jail if caught.

ACTION: Possession of 1 ounce or less of marijuana, or 10 grams or less of hashish.

PENALTY: 1st offense – Not more than 30 days or not less than $100 nor more than $200.

2nd or subsequent offenses – Not more than 1 year and/or $200 to $1,000.

Law enforcement: Cops are usually busy with traffic problems involving the tourists that flock from Ohio and New York. Cops are pretty cool but have made it a policy to book you for possession.

Where to buy marijuana: No designated district to find bud. You must know somebody. On the other hand, nearly everyone smokes.

when i graduated high school i rented a house in hilton head with three friends for a week and when we got there we realized that it was a family kinda place and we were pissed. none the less, go to the salty dog, there’s an ice cream shop around the corner, chill there as it gets dark cuz there are other people that age looking to score or who want to sell some. just ask around. the first night there i asked some random kid who just looked scrubby, not hippy or anything, and in less than 5 minutes got like 4 grams of wacky buds for $20. there’s also beer sold in the gift shop and just talk to the (hot) girls working there. they will sell to you. and go to da vinci’s pizza when you’re high, its not on the menu, but make them make you a barbeque chicken pizza with just chix and bbq….it will make you go insane. then watch jeepers creepers and have some girls from the ice cream store come over. then have a party on the beach for the next week and you’ll love it there.

Marijuana prices: 50- 60 for1/8, 100-120 for1/4, etc.

Marijuana brands: Northern Lights, Skunk, Purple, and Kush

More information: This place is one of the richest towns on the East Coast. Law enforcement is heavy, but usually very nice. They don’t turn a blind eye, but they know everyone smokes. Prices reflect the supply and demand economics. But with all the money in world who has time to worry about price.