Hawera, New Zealand

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4.5

Legislation: i dont think we need an explanation for this. we already know its illegal in basicly every other country so why bother explaning? and you might end up with a fine (possesion, use) or jail sentence (growing, dealing, etc.)

Law enforcement: cops in hawera dont usually persecute you for being stoned or looking suspicious (probably because theyre more worried about the drink driving in the area which they consider to be the real problem at this time) just stay cool and relax and you will be fine.

Where to buy marijuana: first bet would be to try asking stoned or drunk young folk (teens and early 20’s) or the skate park might on the odd occasion have maori youth who might know contacts. On a friday or saturday night in town you could try asking people who look like they might smoke up. If your desperate you could try go down acourt street, iredale road, mcclean street, etc. (WARNING: black power lives down here) and ask gang members or residents (best of maori, polynesian decent) if they can “hook you up with a score” they should be willing to help you out if your just looking for a score and wont get them in trouble.

Marijuana prices: $20-$25 tinnie (1 gram-ish)

$50- fifty bag (bout 3 grams)

$100- hundy bag (unsure, never bought)

ounces and half ounces will depend on the dealer but usually around $150 for half ounces and $300 for ounces

Marijuana brands: no one usually cares around here, usually bad to mid quality but some people might have good stuff in towns further north (New Plymouth, Inglewood, Oakura, Waitara etc)

More information: just be descreet and you will be sweet as!