Gwinnett County, GA, Georgia

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 2.5

Legislation: Posession is an arrestable offense, although it is a misdemenor and usually results in fines and community service on your first arrest. Posession of more than 1 oz and cultivating/selling is a felony.

Law enforcement: Over 28g is a felony. If you aren’t smoking in public you shouldn’t have any problems. Police are prevelant throughout the county but they focus on real crimes.

Where to buy marijuana: Depends on what you want. Norcross- Any local convenience store has plenty of mexicans to buy mexican dirt from. BEWARE: African Americans with “Purple Haze” it’s some homegrown garbage.

Don’t be afraid toask around when in Lawrenceville or Duluth. Most young white guys smoke and they smoke Dank for the most part. Ohterwise they will have “mids”

Marijuana prices: Scwhag, Dirt-$15-$25 Quarter, $50-$75 Oz

Mids- $35-$60 Quarter $90-$150 Oz (Prices vary with the seller and the quality.) Dank $75-$100 Quarter, $225-$300 Oz Headies $125 Quarter, $400- $500 Oz (Price vary with seller and quality.)

Marijuana brands: Purple Kush


Silver Haze

Cali Orange