Guelph, Canada

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: You will be fined for possesion under 28g. Over 28g and you will be charged with trafficking. Also if you have other paraphernalia such as scales and baggies or marijuanna in multiple dime bags you will be charged to the fullest extent of the law.

Law enforcement: In guelph police do not go looking to catch someone smoking pot ,but like almost any other place it is publicly prohibited. As long as you toke away from the publics view you will be fine, or anywhere on your own property. If you are out in the streets and want to smoke a joint, go to a park or area where police can not drive up to you without you seeing them coming and simply pocket whatever you have.

Where to buy marijuana: You can try the bars downtown, try some high school smoking pits or even go down to the willow road area and look for a guy with some baggy jeans and his hat on sideways. As long as you ask the youth nobody should be offended, anyone over 40 aint good to ask. But if you want the best guelph has to offer you will find me or someone I know , no lie.

Marijuana prices: 1g (10$)

7g (40-50)

28g (120-175)

Marijuana brands: We got it all from Kush to Purlple Haze. Even that famous BC bud coming from out west. After the summer though there is a period where lots of outdoor marijuana is around if you happen to not get the premium Hydro. During the rest of the year it is too cold to grow out side so we get the premium indoor hydro.

More information: In guelph the youth smoke somthing called poppers which is defined by wikepedia as: A small amount of tobacco packed into a patty shape with a round ball of marijuana rolled on top of it. Usually stuffed into a “popper bottle”. This marijuana smoking technique is common in Southern Ontario, Canada. Produces the same affects as regular marijuana usage along with a slight head rush produced by the tobacco. Popper smokers do not tend to smoke the tobacco part and use it as a sort of screen in the popper bottle tube of the smoking apparatus. Many unique words are used to describe various parts of smoking “popper or poppers” such as: “Sitch” which is the small amount of tobacco ripped from an end of a cigarette to form the base of a popper. “Spoof” which is a filtration device made of a toilet paper roll stuffed with bounty sheets to trap marijuana smoke and the hefty aroma and the “Popper Bottle” itself also known as a “PB” which is usually made of a used soda pop bottle with a nipple tube from a lamp stuck in the side. The “Popper Bottle” is airtight and holds a small amount of water to filter the smoke as the user inhales through the spout of the bottle.