Greenville, SC, South Carolina

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 2

Legislation: It’s illegal. For posession of under an ounce its a misdemeanor with a fine of something like 200 USD. If you have over an ounce or multiple baggies you can be arrested for distribution and face jail time and/or a hefty fine.

Law enforcement: I’ve been here most my life and have heard of maybe 3 times when the cops took the bud and didn’t prosecute. They pretty much always prosecute.

Where to buy marijuana: A good place to look would be the local bar scene. Go by Blue Ridge, G-Spot, or Chicora Alley. Look for people who seem down and offer to buy a beer or just strike up a conversation. You should be able to find some after a few rounds with a local. If your desperate you can go to a high traffic area (the mall, Cleveland Park, etc) and try to find someone who looks helpful and high.

Marijuana prices: Good BC (beasters) go for about 50 an 1/8th, 300 an ounce. The shwag varies a bit in price and alot in quality. A 1/4 goes for 25 an ounce from 90 to 100. You are more likely to find shwag (if thats your thing) from high school kids and black people.

Marijuana brands: I don’t put much stock in names usually. Though sometimes if you are in the know people have good stuff with a name (Jack Herrer, Durban, White Widow, etc). This stuff usually comes from Asheville or ATL.

More information: Don’t be too outgoing when searching. Nonsmokers may find a cop and local stoners will probably assume you are a narc. Explain your situation, in town for whatever, and be very appreciative of any help and you should be able to get high.