Geneva, Switzerland

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3.5

Legislation: Switzerland is a federal state and the law on drugs is the same for all provinces. According to the Swiss law- it is illegal to own or carry pot or hash, except for private smoking involving small quantities in a private place.

In Switzerland there are many cantons, which each have there own rules so depending where you are marijuana is legal. In Zürich and Bern it has been legalized.

In Geneva the legalization of Marijuana is a big topic of debate, though due to huge demand it should be legalized quite soon.

Law Enforcement: In most of Switzerland where marijuana has not YET been legalized, its smoking is quiet tolerated by police and the general public as long as you are not causing any trouble.

Geneva is alot less strict that most other places I’ve been to, its pretty easy just to go to a small park and smoke quietly with some friends.

as long as u don’t make too much noise or cause trouble, and try not to smoke around police areas, then the police force doesn’t generally give you too much hassle. if you are caught it depends on the officer and your age, but they usually take it away from u and give you a warning (unless you have more than 1g or 2gs).

another reporter added: “In Geneva, the police are far more interested in the dealers than the customers, and if you smoke quietly in a park or a forest you should be fine. ”

most of the time their cops usually around the docks and in the train station but its easy to find a place to chill try a place close to the bus stops making getting home blazed a lot easier.

Where to buy Marijuana in Geneva: a park by the lake called parc de st jean is your best bet, its just by the bridge… go there and ask around… otherwise there are some rasta guys who sit by the port near rue du rhone, just go and ask them.

Although buying off the street is relatively risky as the police monitor many of the big dealers; the best places would be the park near the Jet d’eau (although all you can find there is hashish, but this tends to be relatively good quality), and the park across the bridge from the Stand tram stop. If you have problems finding just find some racailles (teenagers with tracksuits and baseball caps) and ask them. Most of them either deal or can direct you to the best weed in Geneva.

another report added: well you can try basicaly any of the parks around 10 at night or ask any of the teenagers with the white track suits on. go for the ones in white not blue the blue are French not swiss. any private dealer will give u a much better run for your money, don’t give the dealer the money befor u get the weed because a lot of time the guys in the park have weed hidden in a bush and go to get it.

a local reporter added:” In Geneva there are many places to buy weed off the street. The best being Parc de St Jean which is on the quai de sujet, only when it gets darker though as police have recently been surveying this area and busted many dealers.

Next it Jardin anglais located on the other side of Geneva with a beautiful lake view. Here you can buy hash from Arabs on bicycles however there is a tendency for them to rip you off for bad hash too.

A little along this park towards the fountain there is always a bunch of rastas with a radio or too who sell outdoor weed which isnt amazing but it gets you high …but they also like to really rip you off.

In Geneva people are quiet friendly so if you find a bunch of skaters ask them for your weed and most probably you will get better weed and cheaper.Good luck”

Geneva Marijuana Prices: For outdoor weed from the rastas you can only buy in 50’s which they serve you about 3 grams for, this is a real rip off but for some it is no choice.

In parc de st jean you can expect to pay a little less but the also generally sell in 50’s for about 3-4grams of indoor.

If your lucky enough to buy it from a nice guy on the street randomly you can get about 1g for 8-to 12fr depending on its quality.

Marijuana brands: northern lights, white Russian ,white widow and

Moroccan hash.

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