Gazipur, Bangladesh

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 5

Legislation: Consumption of both opium and cannabis are traditional in Bangladesh. There are no real local laws that relate to marijuana – just some international treaties that don’t mean much.

Law enforcement: Cops are scarce, but will gladly accept baksheesh if they catch you smoking. The badass mafuggahs in black with black shades will not accept baksheesh, instead you will be “crossfired.”

Where to buy marijuana: Locals, will make connections for you, and it is customary to pay them. Rickshaw drivers almost certainly smoke (these guys work 24+hrs average)

Marijuana prices: 30-300Tk, depending on where,when and who you buy from. Amounts vary from about 1/4 oz -1/2 oz.(wrapped in paper)

Marijuana brands: Fluffy, stringy, seedy stuff, that looks like crap, but does the trick. Looks like some of this stuff is sun-dried, some is greener and sparklier.After smoking 2 cigarette/doobies(no rolling here), I was surprisingly high. This stuff makes you talk and talk and talk then…woah.

More information: Picked up off of an old man in the middle of a rice paddy, for 30Tk, we got about 1/2oz. We went over to the river, and met the village potheads. Watched them make chillums out of reeds,sticks, rocks. The rest of the afternoon was spent smoking in a paddy next to the jungle, and then driving around in the back of a pick-up. Got back just in time for dinner and a tropical electric storm.