Galway, Ireland

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3.4

Legislation: soft drugs are not legal. Exstazy is rated as an a class drug.

Law enforcement: OK but depends on which one you meet. They can be very funny but generally take your stash and leave on 1st offence with a caution. 2nd more tricky and 3rd etc.

Where to buy marijuana: Galway is a student city, so check out the university bar or places like Quay st. Try Monroe’s pub or ask some street musicians. Galway is generally a safe place but beware it can be rough at night after clubs kick out people from 3 AM.

Marijuana prices: 25 quarter hash- 35 euro 100 PER ounce Grass 250 ounce -300 euro.

Marijuana brands: Hash


Skunk rare but depends on who you know