Freeport – Lucaya, Bahamas

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 2

Legislation: Marijuana is illegal in the Bahamas, and so is any related action.

Law enforcement: Tourist map/brochure says that possession of any illegal drug is a “serious criminal offence,” but there are hardly any police around. On the other hand, the Bahamas is a very religious country, and many of the older/religious people seem to think that marijuana is a dangerous drug that causes many problems in their country. So be smart and smoke away from other people, where you won’t be detected, and you won’t have any troubles. Further info from a local reporter says it is true, there are under cover cops that will try to sell you weed & either lock you up or attempt to ask you for money. Beware however not all cops will accept bribes & if you try to they can add an extra charge of bribery to the possession they already got you for.

ALAS there is a light at the end of this tunnel for tourist ONLY. You will not be sent to prison if the amount is under a 1/4 oz. they will simply slap you with a fine which usually run about $1500-$2000. now if you can’t pay the fine your ass is going to prison for sure. Courts are closed on weekends so if you get busted on a weekend you will have to sit in a jail cell at the police station until the courts open on monday.

Where to buy marijuana: I’m very shy about asking strangers, especially considering the above info, but here’s what i did: I went to the Port Lucaya Marketplace, looking for a place that sold pipes. I told the person selling the pipes that “I would like to buy one, if I could find something to put in it.” I was immediately offered a $20, and a few minutes later, a baggie was pressed into my hand. I took a quick look, liked what I saw, bought a few souvenirs, and left with everything I needed. However a local reporter warns of this activity: NEVER BUY ANY drugs in the tourist areas they are crawling with under cops. Port Lucaya market place & surround areas have video surveillance everywhere if you buy anything there & get busted they will have video evidence to go along with the charge. BE CAREFUL HERE. the international bazaar was once an active tourist shopping area but after 2 major hurricanes it never really recovered. this would probably be the best & place to score a sack of the ganja. most the of the shops are closed & the security is really non existent. you can also ask most cab driver to take you for some this is also a safe way but it will cost you extra for sure & some cabbie might be offend if you ask. but this is by far the safest way. the so called ghetto in freeport, looking like a ghetto but bahamain people are general very cool people. you can easy score there you will stand out as a tourist & the people will be more than happy to direct you to one of the many shops within a blocks radius. you will get direct prices 1/4oz are $15 full oz is $50-$60.

Marijuana prices: I didn’t have a scale, but I think i got nearly 2 grams for $20…about the same prices as good bud in the U.S.

Cabbies or tourist hustlers will charge you about doucble or even triple the price. 1/4oz will be $50 for sure & maybe even more.

direct prices 1/4 oz $15

full oz $50-$60

Marijuana brands: No idea. The weed was a little browner looking than I’m used to, but the high was very good; didn’t have to smoke more than a few hits to get there.

More information: If you have to go asking strangers, stick to guys with their big dreads wrapped up under hats. Otherwise, it’s too hard to tell who’s cool and who’s conservative/religious. In general, don’t bother asking women at all; they tend to be more strongly anti-marijuana than the men.