Florence (Firenze), Italy

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 2.5

Legislation: The last city law against the degradation has aimed the finger against the drinkers. For problems of public order and safety, the bottles of glass cannot be sold after the 10pm. Consequently the police, paradoxicalally, controls who drinks and not who smokes (not too much). In Florence to smoke a joint in the street is not absolutely a problem. Drink a bottle of beer instead is prohibited, therefore after the 10pm you can buy the cans of of beer and enjoy it

Currently the Italian law on the amount of hashish for personal use has been reviewed ( 1.000 milligrams is the maximum quantity of express active thc detenibile to personal use exclusively). The possession of 4,5/5g would not have to involve consequences. In Florence the police has never been too strict with who smokes, therefore now the situation is quite calm.

Law enforcement: The police does not insist on the smokers, however it is better to smoke or to buy in determines places. better to avoid the zone of Piazza della Signoria, the Uffizi and Piazza del duomo. These zones of the center continuously are invaded by the tourists therefore these are a lot watched.

You can smoke in open space, is easy, but not in the center area like near the Duomo or Piazza della Signoria. Police is quiet, but they’re howevere policemen therefore take care.

Where to buy marijuana in Florence:

Santa Maria Novella is the best quarter to buy, to smoke, to do what you want. Price are low (6, 7 euros X 1g of good African hashish). Be careful, because is not a too safe place.

Marijuana is hard to come by unless you know someone. Florence has a huge college student population from all over the world, so your best bet is to ask an American student who has been living in the city for several weeks and knows their way around. Florence is small, so you can walk just about anywhere. Your best bet is to hang out at any of the nightclubs near Santa Croce. People you meet in these nightclubs are generally all college students around age 20 or so, making your chances of scoring weed significantly higher.

There is also a headshop a few blocks north of Santa Croce. It has many different colored pot leaves painted on it, so it is hard to miss. Their merchandise is a steal: I bought a one foot bong that looks like an ancient Roman vase for only 6E. If you stop into the store and buy something, I am sure the cashier might be willing to help you out.

As a rule, DO NOT buy any weed around the Santa Maria Novella train station. This is usually the first place people enter Florence, since until very recently tourists had to take a train from Pisa’s airport because Florence’s airport was being renovated. The train station is usually very crowded and full of shifty characters. Do not buy weed from any gypsies or vagrants, because there is a good chance they might just take your money and you will end up with oregano. Not to mention the train station is patrolled heavily by cops.

our most recent report is: “In my city you must know some guys for cheap price and good hash/weed. I usually smoke holland weed and really potent marrocan hash, the best place where you can find some hash is Santo Spirito, this place by night is full of students, you can smoke withless preoccupation. Everyone smoke pot here. San Lorenzo (north african zone) can be a option, but be careful with your money because is a dangerous place for tourist or not italian people. Santa Croce is full of rip off. Santa Maria Novella by night is really dangerous. You can find some hash in local squats (centro sociale). For weed aquitance is the better way. The weed can bee fantastic or bad. Try at the Univerity in “piazza brunelleschi”, here you can find all you want!

Don’t try in the american pub or in other bad place like Cathedral, Andromeda, Lions ecc… ”

a local reporter added: “good idea not to buy anything near the station. I suggest also: not to buy anything in San Lorenzo zone: it is considered dangerous by the same florentine people so watch out!!

Better (in the evening or night) try the Brunelleschi and Santissima Annunziata zone (but you may get bad stuff), or Santa Croce square, were northafrican people will call you and sell medium quality hash. do not go alone (expecially girls), watch out for police and try to negotiate the price. ”

“The better low prices are those of the Piagge (ward in the north-west of Florence), but you go with someone of Florence because the zone is really, really dangerous. ”

“There are many places where you can make interesting transactions. Beyond those in the list, I council: the african market of San Niccolo, the park of San

Salvi (where are a good bar called Ulisse and a squat that proposes some anarchopunk concerts) and Saint Spirito place (here you can try directly in the square or in a alley where is a bar called “Caffט Notte).

Near square Sant’ Ambrogio there is an optimal store specialized in hemp where to buy fantastic seeds and to become agriculturist”

Latest reprts say: “The best place i found and a constant connect was in a place called Lungarno. It was by a bus stop on the corner of valle antonio gramusci and lungarno cristofo colombo there was usually a couple of moroccan guys pretty shady looking but ok always constant. They are usually sitting on the wall they will ask you. Just say you want Cinquanta (fifty) anything more than that they will rip u off.

Florence marijuana prices: Nothing in this city comes cheap, including marijuana. Expect to pay 15-20E or so for a gram of mediocre pot.

A recent report is: ” 2g X 20e

5g X 50e

really good hash or weed 10/12e x1g ”

and also “For Hash: north african hash, in the streets, 10e x 1g. If you know some people the price flow down a 5 or 6e for gram. Idian hash, sublime hash (!!!) 10 or 12e for 1 gram. In Florence many people smoke hash with chilum.

For weed 10e x 1g.”

Brands: North African Hash (called Marocchino can be bad or really good, it’s the most commonly pot in Florence-cheap) Borbuka (top strong and tasty african hash-expensive) Charas (indian hash, fantastic, really strong with an incredible taste, smoke it with chilum-expensive) Polline (good hash, much diffusing, above all you draw road dealers- relatively cheap) Weed (many people in Florence cultivate the weed in house, this can be really good or not, the weed that comes from the Swiss or Holland is enough diffuse, always fantastic, but much more beloved than that one cultivated in house- generally expensive, it depends on the quality )

More information: While the cannabis culture in Florence is limited, alcohol is widely acceptable as a form of inebriation. Bars, pubs, and nightclubs are all over the city, catering to all different kinds of customers. The drinking age is 16, though never enforced. There are no laws against having an open container of alcohol in public (I walked down the street drinking from a liter of Heineken all the time)

a good piece of advice was: I would usually act like a jogger and run along cristofo colombo, do the exchange then keep running. You don’t want to get caught in Italy with drugs, they will arrest you.

Marijuana, by comparision, is far riskier and less plentiful. Finding it is not impossible though. Unless you know a decent amount of Italian, sticking to nightclubs and bars like Andromeda and Lochness that are dominated by English-speaking students to better your chances of meeting people.

Florence is a really quite city for smoke, it’s full of hippies and by night the squares are full of young people who play music, drink good Chianti wine and smoke strong and tasty Chilum. Many people from Pisa or Siena come in Florence to buy hash or weed beacause the price is lower than other city. If you buy 50g or more, the affair is really cheap… The clubs and the squats propose a tons of reggae/dub party (Florence love reggae), good vibration, good music, and excellent occasions to find all the pot you want.

Florence is probably the more hippie city of Italy, in the night the public squares is filled up of people that sound, of jugglers and students. The police generally does not control very the persons who smoke, ago much more attention to the drunks, than often they become troublesome. If you come stopped with a little piece of pot, generally the policeman throws it out, he perceives you for the next time and he leaves you to go.

and also: “Hello, i’m italian, i live in Florence from some years. I would want to say something on how much i read a this profile. Reading it in fact I have noticed several discrepancies between who says that in Florence smoke it is much easy one and who says the contrary. I believe that such problem turns out from the fact that who says that here to find some hash or weed is hard, is an american. Florence in fact is full of foreign students, many of which are americans and, considering their number and the amount of pub or clubs it specializes for the customers american, these stretch to make group, go only to determines clubs (like the Lions, the Cathedral or the Fish) and remain outside from true Florence. People of Florence, generally, do not have relationships with the students americans. I have not never seen one student american in a squat, in an university party and very rarely i have met some american in the bars where i usually go. I think that for they is truly difficult to find a good hash spending a reasonable money. The street dealers are a lot attention to who to sell and the americans, and the tourists in a generalized manner, often come seen like persons to which give rip-off. Therefore the same piece of hash that to an italian would be sold for 10 euro, for an american is sold for 25. To often discuss is useless because the dealers, above all in some zones as Saint Lorenzo or Santa Croce, are not the calmest persons and the brawls are frequent. I counsel truly much calm in buying hash/weed, above all in Saint Lorenzo (but also the train station Santa Maria Novella), this quarter is not sure the better place where negotiate if you do not speak italian , particularly in the night. My advise is therefore know someone, make friendship and to that point the problems would have to be end. However in Santo Spirito square, where every night come in very many persons, the situation is calm and better things are found.

In Florence great problems do not exist to smoke. In the streets and in the public squares it is spold more, is natural, but enough to make the just encounter for having of the optimal one hash/weed without to spend too much. The squats and some clubs are optimal places where you can find all that of which you have need.

Moreover, during the vacations of the 25 April, in Florence carries out the “72 Ore”, a big rave party with very many sound system (reggae, tekno, drum’n bass, goa, breakbeat etc…) for three days. This event is organized against the Italian prohibitionist laws about the drugs. People of all Italy come for these three days of total madness, during which you will find and see all. Guarantee. Enjoy it!