Fayettville, NC, North Carolina

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: possession of more than 1/2 oz is a felony

Law enforcement: The cops are strict and will arrest individuals who are in possession. Fayettville is home to the nations largest military base so laws are taken seriously. And there are often roadblocks through town.

Where to buy marijuana: Fayettville is not a very large town but many smoke bud here. You will need some connection to score decent weed. If you have no standards for your smoke then try the west side of town, you can ask almost anyone standing on the street or in strip malls. Be carful though, the city can be rough and I know a couple people who have been robbed and they weren’t in a typical “bad area”.

Marijuana prices: Schwag- $25 quarter

$ 40/50 half oz

$ 60/90 oz

Beast- $50 eighth

$100 quarter

$ 300/380 oz

Headies/Name Brands- Pretty hard to come by, but when its around its gone. quick. Be prepared to pay.

Marijuana brands: mainly generic beast

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