Fargo, ND, North Dakota

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3


Less than 1/2 oz* misdemeanor 30 days $1,000 Less than 1/2 oz while operating a motor vehicle* misdemeanor 1 year $1,000

1/2 to 1 oz* misdemeanor 1 year $2,000

More than 1 oz felony 5 years $5,000

All convictions also require the offender to undergo a drug addiction evaluation.

North dakota views pot as illeagle and you can’t even posess pipes, and there are no headshops in Fargo. You have to go to Moorhead Minnesota (just across the bridge) to go to one.

Law Enforcement: The law enforcement is harsh on marijuana laws. but they are mostly intrested in the fast growing methamphetine problem.

North Dakota is a very very consertive state. Be carefull the police will lie to get what they want (I know from personal experience). The police station is downtown. Also if you get caught you will have a bout a $300 fine for less than one oz and possible 30 days in jail. However the jail time, if a first offence, will be not a problem.

another reporter added: “Cops are real jerks around here, unless you happen to get lucky and get one of the cool ones 80% of the time you get caught, you will be prosecuted but there are rare occasions where they will just grind your weed into the cement and send you on your way”

Where to buy marijuana in Fargo North Dakota : our most recent report is: “No real street scene when it comes to drugs in Fargo, or any of North Dakota for that matter, we have no inner city so most of the hook ups are private, but if you do come through town and cant find buds, hit up the LG’s (long garages) on the corner of 7th St and 12th Ave, watch out for ridgies and bosnians, they’ll pinch your bags, the only people i would buy from in this town are the real stoners. If you’re desperate, you can go to the North High School and hit up the goth shwag lovers, they’ll be kickin hack outside, guaranteed.”

And also: “You can find marijuana in lindenwood park, 1905 Roger Maris Dr S, Fargo, you can always find someone smokeing pot at the 4th lot in the park. but the park is flooded in the weeks after the melt of the snow.”

another rreport we recently received: “Fargo is a pretty dull town and most of the pot comes from either canada or minneapolis. so there are often many droughts, especially in the summer when all the college students are gone. if in the summer your best bet is to go around downtown. especially on Brodway you might see some skateborders with backpacks, ask them. You can also go to Island park and sometimes you can find some there, the skatepark is right next to it and sometimes some of the older teens can help you. At night if you are over 21 go to the Empire bar, especially on a weekend and you should find some, demphsies is a good place too, both are on boradway. If none of that works there is a place in moorhead called discontent (on main ave) and they have a headshop some of the people who work there sell, but be carefull the guy who ownes the place is a dick. Last there is a place even farther place un on Main Ave in moorhead called Mellow Mood, a very asowme headshop and the gu yes that work there are all stoners. durring school year go to the colleges too and try to find the MSUS and NDSU NORMAL chapter.”

Fargo North Dakota Marijuana Prices:

hydro(seedless) shwag(low grade)

1/8= 50 15-20

1/4=100 30-40

OZ= 250-350 60-100

1/4 lbs= 1000 200-350

a report we recently received:” prices are standard $50 a 1/8 and $90-$100 for a !/4, for nugs. I don’t know prices too well on swage cause I only smoke nug, but I assume normal prices. some times nugs are hard to find so make sure you are nor geeting in-betweeners instead of nugs. Always eye your bag or bring a scale. ”

And also: “Shwag



Halves- 70$

Full Zip- A Bill-110$






Full Zip-300-325$”

Fargo North Dakota Marijuana Brands: Brands i’ve seen include Strawberry Kush, Orange Crush and Kush, Purple Haze, Apple Skunk, White Rhino, White Widow, Hogsbreath, and many more

More information: Most of the hydro comes from Minneapolis, or it grows just around fargo area. But you can tell the difference.

North Dakota is the king of crack heads, be careful and always look, smell and touch the weed to assess quality and weight. I wold bring a friend because sometimes the dealsers can be jerks.

Fargo is very very dry in the summer, mostly just shwag.

In this town its said that “once the snow hits the ground, shit goes down”

the good buds come through around christmas when the college kids come back home with the dankies