Eilat, Israel

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: Marijuana is illegal in Israel, and is a criminal offense to hold or smoke it.

Law enforcement: I have been to Eilat on many different occasions and have yet to be hassled by a single cop. The one thing I do hear repetitively from others when asking for weed/hash is to be very careful becasue there are in fact undercovers who blend in very well.

Where to buy marijuana: You will have a very difficult time finding weed in Eilat. However, hash is very widely available. Since It is Israel’s most Southern city, you will find alot of excellent imported Egyptian hash.

What has always worked for me while trying to find hash in Eilat was to talk to people along the beach next to the big shopping mall next to the boardwalk. The closest benches to the mall along the beach will be your best bet. Just make random friendly conversation with stoner-looking people sitting or standing around these benches. If they are bedouin (a type of Israeli Arabs) they will have or be able to get hash for you 9/10 times. But be careful if they tell you they have to go and get the hash for you from somewhere else in the city. Usually if they say this they are legit, but still be careful and never give them money before you have the hash (unless you ask for some sort of collatoral, like their cellphone to hold on to, which I have done in the past).

If this hot spot doesn’t work for you, you can easily talk to many random people at the local clubs and get what you’re looking for.

Marijuana prices: Hash is extremely cheap in Eilat compared to the rest of the country, as it is very close to Egypt, and it is one of Israel’s best party cities. You will usually get rock hard black hash, which I have always found to be extremely potent compared to many other places I’ve been to in the world. It’s actually quite difficult to find poor quality hash in Eilat. The price will usually be about 100 shekels ($25 dollars) for 4-5 grams of hash. This price can be negotiated with, and if you’re lucky you might be able to shave abit off that price (don’t be discouraged if you can’t though, as it is fairly difficult if you don’t have any connections).

Marijuana brands: You will find very potent hard black hash in Eilat. I have picked up on several different occasions in Eilat, and was never dissapointed with what i got. I still haven’t found weed, but I certainly don’t mind as long as they continue to sell excellent hash.