East Lansing, Michigan

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3


Law enforcement: There are two police departments in East Lansing: The Michigan State University Police, and the East Lansing Police Department. If you are a student, chances are you will not get caught as long as you are smart and calm. Do not advertise the fact that you are smoking and nobody will care. If you are visiting, just be smart. During CedarFest, which usually turns into a riot, cops arrive dressed in riot gear early in the afternoon with giant security cameras on both sides of the Cedar Village area, and cops will be holding video cameras walking through the crowds, filming everything. This year alone I saw about five people arrested simply for lighting a joint. Beware of smoking pot at CedarFest… during Welcome Week however, you should be fine as long as you are not flaunting it.

Where to buy marijuana: East Lansing is a college town, so while that means there is a lot of good bud to get a hold of, there is always the threat of undercover officers. I’ve had guys I thought were grad students come up to me and ask if I had any smoke, and when I said no, turned around and asked someone else. These are usually undercover cops… do not admit to having any pot on you if someone you don’t know asks, especially if you are just on Grand River during the day.

The co-op community (cooperative housing, a type of commune for college students that is different from a fraternity or sorority) is known for their “hippie” atmosphere and the laid back qualities of the students who live there. However, while the students there seem to have a devil-may-care attitude, they will not be okay with people just coming into the co-op (keep in mind, it is still a home), especially if you come in and ask where you can buy weed. You will not be welcome back if you pull a stunt like this. If you are invited to a party there, however, walk into any room and there will be friendly people ready to smoke you down.

If you find your way to one of the many parties (just walk down any street between Harrison and Hagadorn during Welcome Week, in mid to late August every year if you are not familiar with the area), make acquaintances with someone who lives at the house. They will usually ask you if you want to smoke, if not, just ask them where you can find some. During welcome week, everybody is friendly and you will be able to find whatever you need.

Most people in East Lansing have a favorite dealer. The student dealers usually live in the dorms due to the level of security it affords them. Most dorms now have card swipers, so unless you live on a particular floor in a particular dorm you will not be granted access. This allows most dealers to let in only the serious buyers and good friends, meaning you get better deals since they aren’t scrambling to get you out of their room.

Be careful about buying from people who also sell acid or shrooms. In this city they are pretty sloppy and your pot will most likely be tainted or laced. Usually not on purpose, but the people who deal harder things are known to dip from their own honey jar and will be incredibly sloppy about the way they sell. Unless you want your pot laced, do not buy marijuana from anyone who also sells harder drugs.

An important note: there are four or five head shops in East Lansing, most of which are on Grand River. You can buy paraphernalia here, but I wouldn’t ask anyone here where to buy bud. If you really don’t know anyone in the area, if you hang around in the alleys behind the head shops on Grand River, you’ll eventually meet someone who can hook you up. Beware of undercover cops, though. It may seem a little cliched, but kids who wear baggy jeans and hemp necklaces, dreadlocks and a beard, and/or riding a bike will usually smoke.

Beware of older “rasta” looking men on the CATA buses that go into downtown Lansing. They may approach you, but do not say anything beyond small talk. They are usually drunk and may be on heavy drugs, and some actually work as snitches for the police. Do not buy from them, ESPECIALLY on the bus.

Marijuana prices: around $20/gram

prices vary based on the strain, but chron will usually be straightforward.

regs are available for as low as $15/gram, but I don’t recommend that you buy this

Marijuana brands: Chron is easy to find in East Lansing. Most of the weed here comes from various grow houses in Detroit or Lansing so you will not find foreign weed here. You can, however find some exotic bud if you are good friends with your dealer. There is purp readily available for a little extra money, and every once in a while a citrus strain comes through the area. If you buy from a shady dealer, chances are you will get regs and they will not get you high. The purp in the area, if you are smart enough to find it, will get you blasted.

More information: Beware of smoking pot in the bars… just do not do it. The bouncers are strict, most are frustrated young men that are either not in college and are jealous of the college students, or they are just plain rude. You will either get kicked out of the bar, or, if you are belligerent enough, the cops will be called.

Most of the time, even during the day, you will be safe just walking around campus and having a smoke. Make sure that it is a joint, however, and not a bowl, and since nearly everybody on campus smokes cigarettes, if you hold it like a cigarette no one will think twice.

Smoking in the dorms is not a good idea, since the smell will fill the whole hall and people will definitely catch on.