Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4.5

Legislation: Posession is illegal, so bare in mind that if you are unlucky enough to get caught, you may be fined $20.

Law Enforcement: The police don’t really care to much for users in durbs, just the sellers that get owned.

Our local reporter added: “have been smoking for eight years and never busted. So unless you have really bad luck you could light up at a mall lot.”

Where to Buy Marijuana in Durban: under any bridge, garage or street corner with a black guy standing on it.. for hydro you gonna need to go to some trouble since it’s pretty hard to get

Durban Marijuana prices: from about 5$ for swazi red but there is a lot of jut going around for about 2 rand a slope which is a couple of american cents.. Hydro is probabley about 30$ – 50$ a banky, and even though it’s Durban there is hardly any Durban poison unless you go to the Indian areas like sydnem where it is ripe with DP.

another reporter added : “R20, We are hooked up but a tourist would pay probably R40 for a half filled bank bag.”

Durban Marijuana Brands: Durban Poison , Hydro , Swazi , normal JUT , mindblender and alot more funky names.

More information: South Africa is a great place to come for stoners. Value for money weed.

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  1. Rover

    Hi, I’ve been on this page several times as I go to durban on holiday every now and then. I don’t know about other people, but it is a f**king mission to get weed in durban. The guys we ask as you say under bridges, at garages or street corners, or any random street vendor for that matter, ALWAYS deny us. I don’t know if we look like undercover cops or something, but the only place we actually come right is the beach front, and the twats charge R100 (about $10 I think) for only TWO SMALL bankies (one of them make about 1 & a half joints). Seeing as I only come here every now and then, it’s impossible for me to find realistic dealers as we don’t really know anyone here. Just my 2 cents. Peace


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