Dijon, France

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3-4 but in France you can be unlucky

Legislation: very hard legislation as you know, all drugs are the same in the courts. Possesses can be judge for 1 year of jail, selling up to 10-15.

Law enforcement: Generally it depend on what kind of cops bust you, they could throw it on the floor or take you to the police station for few hours if unlucky.

Where to buy marijuana: My opinion is, it’s hard to find.

In ghettos near the city, usually no problem but be careful.

Place du président Wilson, in the day there are usually family walking around, but the night especially the summer you could perhaps meet someone for.

In the raggae/punk concert.

Marijuana prices: 5-10 euros per gram for commercial, and other craps, very often cut with something (but in France all is possible ^^ u could be lucky)10-15 per gram for acceptable stuff up to very good hash (hard to find).

Hash is most of time imported from moroco.

If u find weed you’ll be very lucky (and check quality, because, if u find good weed you’ll be very very lucky).

But be careful in France there were some case reported of cut weed with glass, sand, and other stuffs like sugar. most of time imported from netherland.

Marijuana brands: