Des Moines, IA, Iowa

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: By Iowa law, the possession of any amount of marijuana is a misdemeanor, punishable by up to six months in jail and a fine of up to $1,000. For a second offense the penalties increase to up to one year in jail and a fine of up to $1,500. Subsequent offenses are punishable by up to two years and a fine of $500 – $5,000. There is the possibility for conditional discharge for possession charges. Possession within 1,000 feet of a school, public park, swimming pool or recreation center adds an additional 100 hours of community service to the sentence.

Law Enforcement: Law Enforcement is very light. Most times driving around the cops dont even bother you. If you get pulled over and have bud on you, normally if you act cool they will just let you go.

a recent report is: “much worse than previously reported. des moines cops can be pretty chill but suburbs (urbandale, windsor heights, johnston, west des moines, clive) are all horrible. ”

Where to buy marijuana in Des Moines: The general place to buy is on Martin Luther King Dr. Sometimes people will walk right up to you and ask if your looking to buy anything.

However, another reporter added: “don’t buy around here, especially near mlk parkway as stated before, everyone will rip you off, just tonight I came home $42 short”

Latest info says: The best places to buy bud are the east side. for bricks and the south for bricks and nugs. also the west has good nugs.

Marijuana Prices in Des Moines:

regular/shwag/brick or otherwise 1/8 ounce $20, 1/2 ounce $50, 1oz $100, 1/4pound $250

midgrades $20 1/8- $45 1/8

Kind/nuggets/hydro/ $20 a gram, $50-60 or even up to75 1/8 ounce, 350-600 an ounce

and also: “Schwag: 1/8(3.5g)= $10, $20 Sac=5g, 1/4=$25, 1/2=$40, OZ= $60-$75, QP=$200-$230

Nugget: bag(3.5)= $60”

brick=8g $25 1/2 Oz $40-$45 Oz $60-$80 Qp $190 Hp $300 P $550

mids=1g$10 1/830 7g55 1/2 $80 Oz$140

nugs=1g$20 1/8$60 7g$100 1/2$175 Oz$400-420 Qp$1000 Hp$1600 Hash=1g$40-$90

Marijuana brands in Des Moines: Northern lights

Lot of good Hydro to be found

Very nice mid grade for very nice prices.

Northern lights, ak47, strawberry cough, purps, silver pearl

Strawberry cough. Orange Kush. Cherry Dro. Northern Lights. Purp. Purple Kush. Trainwreck. lots of unnamed nugs and dro. Swagg (but its not dirt swagg its pretty good).

The bud in Des Moines has its ups and downs. Most of the time its some pretty decent stuff.

More information: most of the time you are only going to get what your looking for around here if you have a connection you know.