Dahab – Dahb, Egypt

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3


Legislation: Illegal to possess or consume marijuana, and very long jail time, though the laws are not set in stone and will be dependant on the judge’s ruling.

Law enforcement: As long as you are not caught smoking in the streets of dahb, nothing could happen.

Where to buy marijuana in Dahab / Dahb: Generally in dahb, which is in sinai, you can buy the weed from the locals, especially the bedwins who are the growers of the plant. However for a smooth and chilled out experience, a place called ABU GALOUM is the place to be. ABU GALOUM is very primitive camp 5 km from DAHB city center, (the last 2 kms can only be made on foot, but it’s really amazing as you walk along side the beach with mountains from the other side) Upon reaching there, just relax and let the bedwins who are responsible for the camp, take care of everything. For 10 $ you get a load of weed. if you don’t have ur rolling paper on you, the guys over there can set up the weed with the SHISHA (local egyptian name for water pipe). Great experience as you smoke on the beach or in one of the huts.

Dahab marijuana prices: Fairly cheep as they grown nearby.

Brands: locally grown weed, really good stuff.