Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 1.5

Legislation: HIGHLY ILLEGAL.

Law enforcement: Strict.

Where to buy marijuana: Most certainly NOT on the street. If you do, expect to be nabbed just as you enter your guest house. Late night in the bars and clubs, no problem. This is a producing country, so its easier and cheaper to buy coke. But if you look and are patient, there is some very high quality weed here.

and also: ” Plaza de Armas after 7pm.

If your back is facing the church you will be facing a club on the second story. It is a very good ‘gringo’ club and you can smoke in there without a problem. If you are directly in front of the club facing it to your left there is an ally. In front of the ally or in it making a transaction is a group of black people. If you just stand there someone will come up to you and simply say “marijuana” and another person will say “cocaine”. Now I hear that the cops are very corrupt there and what not but I got the tip from a taxi driver and it worked every night for about a month. I am going to be honest, in there ally there is some kind of room. After I felt comfortable I went to score alone, they tried to get me to go in the room, I refused. I wouldn’t advise anyone to go with these people anywhere. There drugs are extremely legit but they are extremely sketchy.

Taxi drivers are a good source. My first day in Cuzco we went bungie jumping. I was chewing the hell out of coca leaves (legal, sold in stores) on the way there. The taxi driver asked me if I liked coca. I told him I loved it but I wanted to get high (I dont speak spanish but he knew what I ment by putting my thumb and my index finger up to my mouth). He took me to his friends house to score some schwag. I have heard stories of taxi driver turning people in after that and you’ll be screwed. Be careful.”

Marijuana prices: 20 soles for about an eighth.

20 soles for about a quarter of schwag.

40 soles for a gram of EXTREMELY high quality coke.

Marijuana brands: VERY dank chronic or BULLSHIT. Both dealers are right next to each other, everyone in their group is selling something. If you start interaction with one of them it seems like it would be tough to get out of it if you want to eventually buy something. Dont go alone, only let them see the money you are looking to spend.

More information: I smoked on the streets every night, never a problem. That was probably a dumb idea but I thought it was better than to blaze in my room.

Head up the Inca trail to Machu Pichu with your bag of bud. Its quite nice. Great country but remember, expect a search or two.

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3 Responses to “Cusco – Cuzco, Peru”

  1. McSquiggly

    So I’ve been to Peru twice. Smoked both trips. From what I was told by a police officer, most police will extort you if you get busted with drugs. So, pretty much you loose you carrying money, jewlery, camera, etc. They give you your passport and bus ticket and that’s it. Max sentance for possession of weed (any amount) is 1 yr in prison (No trial!). Penalty for possision of an 8ball of coke is a 100$USD fine. Crazy right?

    Anyways, long story short, the weed in Cuzco was plentiful and good. Go to the Loki hostel and ask the Aussi bartenders there if they know a guy. At least that way, you don’t have to do it on the streets and nobody will snitch.

  2. Nicolas

    I went to Cusco on January 2013 and it’s really easy to find some bud. I bought weed 2 times and they were very different experiences, it really depends on who you buy from.

    When we arrived we thought it was probably a good idea not to buy weed on the street because you could get ripped off.

    Experience 1:
    I think we were blessed by god in this one. On our first morning, we were walking around the city and some guy my age (23 years) passed by and said to us something like “Ganjah guys? I got the best types…” (in spanish obviously) and kept on walking. Unlike every other salesman on the city, this guy didn’t even bother to stop to see if we were interested. His atitude was like “If you know my shit, you should be chasing me and not the other way around”. We looked at each other doubtfully (because it was our only rule not to buy on the street) but we said whatever and yelled at him just before he turned around the corner. He turned around and very friendly asked us if we would like to see it (like I will tell you later, this was not the case with every other dealer in Peru and Bolivia). He took 2 ziploc baggies our of his pocket.

    He told us the first one was good and cost 80 PEN ($US 32), and the second one was better and cost 100 PEN ($US 40). When I saw the second bag I instantly knew we were blessed. Back in Chile, very rarely a very dank strain appears on the marked and it’s fucking bomb. It’s a plastiline smelling sativa that with 2 hits you get really high, but very energetic and very clean high, perfect for day smoking and really long lasting. This guy had that, and we got 4 times more than we would get in Chile for the same price. They were probably 5-6 grams or so, very very dank chronic. We bought that and smoked the 12 days we were in Peru with no problems. Getting 4 guys high with the best chronic for 12 days for US $40 was the best deal of our lives.

    Experience 2:
    The day we were leaving Cusco we wanted to get some weed to go to Bolivia. We were sitting on the main park (called Plaza de Armas) and a guy who was probably 35 came to us and offered us some Ray Ban’s. We said no and he asked us if we wanted some weed. We said we would like to see it and he told me to follow him (leaving my buddy sitting on the plaza) so he could show it to me to see if we liked it. Big mistake. I followed him to a restaurant nearby, and from the moment I got into the restaurant (they were tourist eating like any other restaurant), every guy who worked there knew what was going on. They all looked at me and the guy and I started to feel very nervous. This was nothing like the friendly and open experience I had before with the the guy that sold chronic. The dealer went to the kitchen and told me to follow him. As you can imagine, seeing a tall and white guy like me going into the kitchen of a restaurant with all the workers knowing this was a drug deal was a very scary situation. In the kitchen he showed me the weed, but we got into the bathroom so I could see it more closely. It was some shitty bud (almost not smell at all, the weed seemed badly dried, definetly not chronic) and almost half the amount we got before. I really didn’t want to buy that shit, but I realized that the dealer got me in a situation were I couldn’t say no. I tried to tell him that I only wanted half of the package but he started getting angry and pushy and told me to hurry up cause we had little time left. At that time I knew I was in the worst scenario possible: in a bathroom with a guy that gave me bad vibes and that I don’t trust at all insisting me to give him the money. He perfectly could’ve pulled out a knife and told me to give him all my monmey and belongings. I just paid him and got out of the restaurant quickly. I was really scared and angry that I put myself into that sitation.

    The advices I would give you would be the following:
    – Be very careful who you buy from. Buying in the street is not always bad (I got the best chronic in Peru on the street).
    – NEVER EVER follow the dealer to a shady place. If he offers you some weed, tell him to bring it to you were you are.
    – Ask to see the product before accepting the deal. In both Peru and Bolivia, the other dealers we boughth from told us they were peons and that they can’t show us the package if they don’t get the money first. I guess it depends on how desperate you are, but seeing the package before giving away the money ensures that you won’t get ripped off.


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