Cortland, NY, New York

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3.5

Legislation: Anything over 25 grams is serious, but anything under that you will only recieve a UPM[unlawful possesion of marijuana] and/or a fine.

Law enforcement: Cortlandt is a very overpoliced community, but is pretty easy to get away with smoking buds. However a narcotics team has recently been established and are out for big time dealers. Just be careful who you buy from, and who is watching.

Where to buy marijuana: Unless you know someone in the area, it can be quite difficult to score some pot. Your best bet is to linger around stores near a local high school and ask the right crowd of teens where you can score some weed.

Marijuana prices: Prices are pretty steady in this area, you get about a gram for $20. You can also get 2 grams for $30 if you know the right person. 1/8 usually ranges from $50 to $60 and you can usually score a 1/4 for $80-85

Marijuana brands: Brands vary from your common Dro to some fire Haze. Once in a while Sour D or Juicy Fruit Haze will pop up, but you will not find low class weed here.