Corn Islands, Nicaragua

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: Marijauna is illegal in Nicargua as are all related actions.

Law enforcement: The police are virtually non existant on the Corn islands. If your a tourist you’re pretty safe from the police.

Where to buy marijuana: The Corn Islands are some of the most beautiful places in the world and are a #1 destination for scuba diving, sport fishing and because we’re bud smokers and it’s not nice to judge: it’s unique in that it’s quite easy to eat sea turtle, if you consider it a delicacy…(some people do)

So lack of law enforcement+tourism= con artists and thieves

The best place to score is the big island simply because that’s were more people are. As always never pay before you see it. Street deals are not the way to get herb on Big Corn Island. Hotels are not the place to get herb on the island either. Most restaurants and bars stay open and serve alcohol 24/7 and these are the places to go. Chill, have a drink or dinner and be confident, give it 10 minutes and some will want to know your story: guaranteed. People are conversational so go back to sociology 101 and determine if theyre cool with smoking. (Rastas, “western” looking dudes listening to rap, etc. it’s not too tough). You’ll probally have to take a walk, just around the corner or across a street and meet a “holder”.

Even though their is a severe lack of law enforcement on the islands, doesn’t mean that havin a toke doesnt take skill.

Marijuana prices: Cheap, almost not worth mentioning. 3 joints was less than $1 USD and about an 1/8 of shake was 2 or 3 bucks. Bought small nugs(>1g) a few time for about $2

Marijuana brands: Weed on the Corn Island is pretty bad, very rarely will you find decent, smokable bud and then it’s damn expensive by Nicaragua standards.

More information: If you wanna smoke on the Islands I suggest you get some nugs on mainland Nicaragua and ride the ferry to the islands for your trip. Flying is also an option so you could bring it on that, it’s just a puddle jump and security is lax, but I just don’t feel comfortable with that. All in all trying to aquire herb there is a tough and rarely rewarding experience, much easier just to drink world class rum or pack in buds.