Cork, Ireland

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4.5

Legislation: use cultivation and sale of cannabis is an offence. However things are changing dramatically.

Law enforcement: There are 3 main rules tp avoid trouble. (1) Be discreet: dont smoke around childeren or in public places. There are many places in cork to relax . (2) dont smoke soapbar (poor quality hash) as it is asscociated with large criminal gangs and police will take a hard stance compaired to weed. the gardai value soapbar at about 180 euros an ounce whilst it only costs on average 100 euro. Gardai value an ounce of weed at 100 euro but in reality it averages at about 400 euro . (3)No hard drugs

Where to buy marijuana: Although alot of ppl have cannabis very few people deal or at least admit to dealing. Dealing is viewed seriously under irish law. it is worth soinning around some of the trendy-ish pubs north of the river. the peace park in the center of the city town is full folk from the alternative generation but as far as i know smoking is no longer tollerated there. try shandon street (be careful!!!!) paul street and the university. There is also a hemp/grow shop near the university cant remember the name but defanitly worth a vist

Marijuana prices: soap bar: 20-30euro 7 gram ; very common

pollen: 30-60euro gram, common

compressed african seeded bush weed 5-10 euro gram common

commercal sensimilia: 10-15 euro common-ish

Irish outdoor: 7-15 euro gram rare

hash oil: never seen it in ireland

quality sensimelia: 12-20 euro gram rare ish (

bubble hash: 20-50 euro gram very very rare

Marijuana brands: depends on who you are and who you know. every thing from poor quality hash 1-3% pollen 3-15% thc outdoor cannabis 4-8% thc indoor 5-25% thc high quality hash 10-30% thc

More information: dont smoke soapbar. dony buy soapbar. dont sell soapbar. beware also of contaminated skunk spayed with glass sand or iron fillings to increase wait after a series of police busts in ireland and england in recent times