Copenhagen, Denmark

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: Marijuana is not legal in Denmark, and so is any related action (smoking, buying, growing etc.). However, law enforcement efforts made by the police are scarce.

Law Enforcement: Copenhagen police do not look for smokers, or as one of our reporters noted:” several times I have walked right past 5-6 police officers while smoking a blunt… most of the times they won’t try anything because that will cause a sort of riot and lots of flying bricks.”

Where to buy marijuana in Copenhagen: A good spot would be by the river – lots of dealers sit while their partner tries to get customers..walk over to the dealer, sit down in a calm way, trade, and walk calm away. You can still get good quality stuff for the usual price…

Christiania: Christiania is a society of squatters located within the city of Copenhagen. It is easily accessible by the metro. You just get off at Christianhavn. Onve there you go out the only exit of stairs and walk straight for two streets. Make a left on the second straight and you will walk 200 metres until you reach Christiania. Onve you walk in you will see stands inside selling paraphernalia and sounveniers. Right beside that there will be a group of guys huddled around an oil can with big german sheppards. Go up to them and ask them for weed or hash. It is very professional and the transaction goes very smoothly. Once you attain your weed/hash they have designated areas where you can have a beer and smoke a joint.

Copenhagen Marijuana Prices: Prices are 5 to 15 euro per 1 Marijuana gram, or between 4 and 13 euro per 1 gram of hash

In Christiania weed is sold by the bag. A bag has 2.8 grams of weed and costs 200dkk for skunk. If you buy 3 bags you get a price break and pay 500dkk.

Brands: Strains available : White Widow, Ice, Many sorts of Skunk, Hindu Kush and a few sorts of Haze..!!

Hash comes in many Varieties/sorts. F.ex Maroc, Afgan and a hole lot more, with local names..

Country: Denmark

Time Zone: UTC/GMT +1 hours

Dialing codes: + 45 (Denmark)

Christiania Report:

In April 2005 I was in Christiana. After descriptions on the internet and elsewhere had mentioned an active and open market, and the webehigh website’s recent city report stated that it was difficult to score there, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Here is what happened, and given the fluid nature of the situation in Christiana currently, it may not be representative of the future.

Getting there was not difficult. It is quite near downtown (so one can take either a cab or a bus from the central train station).

Once there (I got there about noon on Monday), I walked around and noticed several stalls selling street food, soveniers and paraphenalia. Around the stalls there were a number of people standing around in small groups. And there were dogs, many BIG dogs. However, most of these dogs were leashed and not too threatening.

I browsed the stalls, and then slowly walked towards the groups. Quickly someone approached me and asked if I “wanted some”. I replied yes. He immediately took me to an associate seated at a bench. The associate was a woman in her late forties or early 50’s. She was selling marijuana in small quantities. For 100K (1 US dollar is roughly 6 or 7K) I got about 3 grams of a fairly good Danish grown seedless variety. This compared quite favorably to the seedless varieties I purchased in Amsterdam about a week later. Afterwards I walked around the commune for a little while, then took the bus back to downtown. The area has a bit of a depressing look. I am not sure if it was day, the time of day, or the fact that some pressure is being put on the community by the Danish government. The future seems uncertain for this commune. A feeling of vibrancy was definitely missing.

For me, this experience was a bit bittersweet. I hope Christiana makes it, because it is a special place. The buying experience itself wasn’t bad. The woman and her accomplice were both quite friendly. Once I had purchased the product, people generally lost interest in me, and I didn’t feel anyone “watching” as I walked around.