Copacabana (Rio), Brazil

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4-5 for Brazilians, 1 for Americans

Legislation: Illegal. In the highly unlikely event you do something that would cause the police to need to search you, be prepared to offer a fine on the spot. Police do not mess with tourists and generally are quite aloof.

Import, export, send, make, buy, sell, expose to sell, offer, prescript, keep […] or deal drugs, even if for free: 5 to 15 years of jail and R$ 500 to R$ 1500 fine.

Law enforcement: In general, Brasilians don’t have to worry about harassment from police about weed, or not nearly as bad as Americans. If you American and get caught with just a nug you better be prepared to pay the cops off. You do not want to go to jail in Brasil. I wouldnt say that the cops are corrupt in a mean and harmfull way, however, being a cop in Brazil means making very little. So be prepared to either pay as little as 20 Reals on the spot, or be taken to your atm and all your money taken out.

Lax. Some people smoke on the beach, but are quiet about it. Do not walk around on the streets smoking or inside clubs. Stick with beach and hotel room. Better yet, rent an apartment.

Where to buy marijuana: -Beach in front of Hotel Rio Othon. Chat with your chair guy rental guy or the friendly girls.

-Terra Atlantico Cafe in front of Club Help in the evening. Again chat with the friendly girls who will likely introduce you to a woman vendor selling gum, candy, and cigarettes.

-Meia Pataca Cafe talking to the friendly girls.

Note: These friendly girls are garotas de programma (or postitutes) The scene for this is quite different than in the US and very legal with a different societal veiw. Do not deal directly with groups of young guys selling for safety sake.

If you cant find Marijuana in rio (copacabana) then just stop trying. Just try walking along the beach and you will get asked verbally and non verbally. Look for rasta lookin dudes smokin weed and just make eye contact. Theres always ppl on the near the beach selling all kinds of trinkets, look for the guys selling wooden pipes and other obvious smoking devices. Beware though, I was always not told to purchase weed from ppl at the beach, as sometimes they work with the cops. They will sell you the weed, then run and tell the cops you have weed on you, the cops bribe you, and give a cut to the street guy. I personally was staying at hostel and gave an old guy some money and he would go into the favelas (ghetto) and get it for me.

Marijuana prices: CHEAP! To be honest, I dont know what the prices are. Brasil is where I first started smoking and I didnt have a good idea what a ounce looked like. I would usually give 15 to 20 Reals (7-10 US) and get what I could only guesstimate as 10-15 grams, AFTER the old guy took his share, which I’m sure he did.

Marijuana brands: Most weed in Brasil is shwag, and I rarely came across anything that wasnt. A few times I smoked some weed from northern brasil that a few friends brought back and it was of better quality than what I got from the favelas.

More information: For papers, some newstands and kiosks have them, some do not. Go to a tobacco shop if you strike out.

From what I’ve figured out the best weed in Brasil is more from the North of Brasil. ALL the weed in the city is distributed from the favelas. Do not go into a favela unless you dont want to come out.