Concord, NH, New Hampshire

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: Possession of any amount of marijuana is a misdemeanor and is punishable by up to one year in jail and a fine up to $2,000.

Law enforcement: They never hunt for people gettin stoned, but if your high they will take you in. The farther North in NH you go the more tolerant they are, but the worse the product. UP North you hardly ever get pulled over for anything, and as long as you aren’t blatantly high they won’t search your car, and ussually you just get a warning, whether your out of state or live in NH. In the larger cities (Manchester) they have a little more enforcement, but it is still very unlikely you will get caught and they never really have set ups or busts. Just don’t yell your high and you won’t get caught.

another reporter added: “Generally don’t care, but they highly trained and bored, and will try to fuck you if they pull you over after 10 pm. Otherwise they leave you alone. Most people get busted after doing something else that draws the cops attention. So just don’t be stupid and you’ll be fine.”

Where to buy marijuana: Anywhere. It helps if you have friends of course, but if you find any college student that looks like they smoke, then they almost definitely do. Even if they don’t look like they smoke they probablly do. Everyone is pretty laid back about it, so as long as you ask nicely and don’t act like a cop they will hook you up.

and also: “Anywhere. The local colleges or the public highschool are good spots to find stoners. Occasionally dealers walk around the parks with bags on them, but usually they only sell to people they know. Just ask pretty much any one under 30 and chances are they smoke. The more they look like a stoner the more likely they can find you bud.”

Marijuana prices: 1/4=20-40 1/2=45-80 1=85+

Watch out for prices though, they very greatly. A lot of dealers will try to overprice their stuff, but they ussually can be bargained down. If not then move on to the next one.

and also: “An 1/8 will generally run you 40 bucks. Quality will fun from some decent mids, to actaully pretty dope beasters. 80 for quarter, 130 a half 240 an O. Prices vary depending on the dealer and who’s getting from the dealer for you.

You can find outdoors for real cheap 20 for an 1/8 and the prices drops the more you buy, usually starting at a half but some people cut breaks on a quarter. The outdoors quality is sometimes real crap, but othertimes its just as good as the beast, only it has seeds.

If you’re really determined you can find headies, but they’re usually pretty low quality for headies. 20 a gram, 60 a 1/8. Most people won’t sell more than that. Occaisonally some good stuff roles through. Most dealers have danks at least once a month, but they usually only sell it to freinds or smoke it all, so if you’re just heading through town, don’t count on it.”

Marijuana brands: Nothing

More information: The weed is bad quality. Very rarely is there any good stuff. The farther you get up north, the worse the quality. It is typical to get a bag with stems and seeds as well as bud. A lot of dealers don’t weigh, they jsut eye the product and say a number off the top of their head. Sometimes you can get really good deals this way, and sometimes they are way over priced. If you want good ganj then go farther up north to Canada, but if you want some alright ganj for pretty good prices then stay in NH.

The stoners in concord generally try to keep a low profile, especially the dealers, its chill, but not that chill.

If you know what to look for they’re still pretty easy to spot. If it looks like a hippy, it is a hippy. Anyone dressed like a skater knows whats up. The goth and freak kids can find it too, but half of them are straight edge and the other half are into heavy shit. They’re all pretty nice though, so it doesn’t hurt to ask. Cafe’s like In a Pinch, Einstein’s or Bagleworks often employ hippies, but some of them are really parinoid. Just be chill, and realize you might have to ask around a bit. Its there though and most people are willing to help out, and there are plenty of people who will be more than willing to smoke you up, which is probaly the best way to go about it anyway..