Colombo, Sri Lanka

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: Marijuana is illegal in Sri Lanka, and so is any related activity. Recently the government has launched a campaign against drugs.

Marijuana, although used in local ayuvredic medicine, is taboo. Smoking in public will get you into trouble.

Law Enforcement: Due to very high security measures in Colombo (related to recent escalation of Tamil Tigers problems) people seem to be quite cautious when selling.

Especially by night, you can expect to meet police patrols which will search your vehicle literally every few hundred meters.

Police and military do not harass foreigners but it is highly recommended not to smoke in the car nor create any suspicion.

Where to buy marijuana in Colombo, Sri Lanka: As of November 2006, there were several “Hotel (de) Pillawoods” restaurants in Colombo – the place which was pointed out here to be selling. Unfortunately, as a foreigner, all I could get there was suspicion.

Most of the Tuktuk drivers will have some or will be able to provide some info – check the ones which linger by their vehicle (eg. near Mt Lavinia, Odel, Cres-cat).

Significantly better quality I have found at the clubs – ask the “promising” looking guys/bodyguards/ticket sellers from the entrance and they will direct you (eg. R&B club).

For hashish you have to try the latter option. It did not seem safe to meet these people the next day so I have no info on the quality of the hash.

Marijuana Prices in Colombo, Sri Lanka :

200 – 250 Rs for a small bag bought using directions/direct selling of Tuktuk drivers.

> 300 Rs for the same quantity – significantly better, bought from

> karaoke/clubs

1$ = appx 100 Rs

More information: It is said that good things are available also on the beaches down south – eg. Bentota beach. Just walk out to the sea, look interested and very probably you will be approached by some offerers. Also, out of Colombo there is less police so you might feel safer!