Christchurch, New Zealand

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: Marijuana is illegal in New Zealand, and so is any related action (growing, purchasing, smoking etc.)

Possession and being under the influence of marijuana is illegal in New Zealand but it’s really not that big of a deal. Alot of cops just ignore it if you only have small amounts on you. But some cops (mainly the older cops) will arrest you.

Our Local reporter added this: Don’t be fooled by some of the other comments on this site about NZ. I’ve been to prison (we have nasty prisons) for having cannabis and so have many others I know.

Law enforcement: The penalties are as follows: New Zealand has a police caution scheme that they call “Diversion”, as in being diverted from the courts. You only get one though.

After that you get a fine and a possession conviction.

Our police are more focused on meth, known as ‘P’ in NZ.

The South Island is far worse than the North. In most North Island towns the cops will just ignore cannabis. They even ignore the growers in many North Island towns. South Island towns (including Christchurch) are plain weird. You never know which way the cops will go.

Never harass them or they’ll bust you just for the sake of it. All NZ cops like to take your weed even if they don’t bust you. Even large amounts (over a kg) may simply be “removed.” NZ cops are a law unto themselves so don’t be fooled by the tolerant attitude. Just keep a low profile and avoid ever attracting police attention.

Watch out for the gangs. They have the best weed but they’re as dangerous as any gang anywhere in the world. Up north they’re often armed… with guns.

Where to buy marijuana: In Christchurch… ask skaters, they’re usually cool. Hookers in Manchester St can also help you out. Whoever it is will probably want a “cut” though. That means they want you to smoke at least some of what you buy with them.

Gang members always have weed (and P) but they’re just as likely to bash you and take your money as deal with you. Tinny houses exist all over Christchurch but you need an introduction.

Very hard to find unless you know a local. If you’re desperate and brave try Manchester St in the city center, sometimes there are pushers on the street. Try the prostitutes, sometimes they have some or they know where to get some.

Marijuana prices: Tinnie(1 gram)- $20

50 Bag(about 3 grams)- $50

1/2 OZ(14 grams)- $150-$200

1 OZ(28 Grams)- $250-350$

Ounces $150 (bush) right up to $450 for primo “skunk”

Hash oil is $10 – $60 for a capsule of oil.

Marijuana brands: NZ weed is some of the best in the world. Rarely any seedy bud. Alot of good quality bush grown weed, mostly sativa. These days alot more people are growing indoors, so there is alot of skunk. Afghan, White Widow, Nothern Lights etc. Sometimes there is imported weed from Cambodia or Thailand, usually it’s fairly good, can be seedy and harsh.

Anything and everything and usually top quality. Even the outdoor can be the highest quality, often better than indoor. Almost all NZ weed is locally grown. All Dutch brands are grown from imported seed.

Hash is rarely seen but hash oil is more common than weed in some North Island locations. Weed is almost always good but oil can be “mersh” which is slang for low grade commercial or it might be lovely “first wash” honey oil.

More information: I repeat that the cops are bent and the laws are crazy. There are grow shops everywhere that legally sell commercial size indoor growing kits… yet an individual cop can still bust you for a single joint.

The courts are just as weird. In some parts of NZ you can get a small fine for growing twenty plants while in other parts of the country you can go to prison for up to seven years for the same offence. If you are poor then you are about a hundred times more likely to end up in prison. The more hard cash you have on hand then the more likely you can walk away from just about any sort of cannabis bust.

BE WARNED… your weed is not the only thing that can get seized or go “missing” during a police search of your person or property. NZ police are notoriously light fingered. Cash and personal items may simply mysteriously dissappear… especially if they decide not to lay charges.

I have been smoking for 8 years and I’ve never been searched or arrested. Just don’t blow smoke in the cops face and you will be fine.