Chennal, India

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: Weed is barely illegal in India ; Hash is very illegal. This seems odd to westerners but, basically, “bhang” (weed) is used ceremonially by some Hindus. Hash/Charas is not and is considered a drug. Minumum penalty (if you dont bribe your way out of trouble): 10 years in an Indian jail. Dont get caught.

Law enforcement: Marijuana isn’t a concern of the police. Dealers will openly deal on the street knowing neither cops or passers by. In Colaba, you’ll often smell hash being smoked on the street, sometimes even by taxi drivers(!) If your open to anything, you might get invited to smoke a chillum down a side street by locals, even if its close to a cop station, no one cares. If anything, your more likely to have a few dirty looks off locals.

Where to buy marijuana: The best, but not necessarily safest, place to buy weed in Chennai is near Guindy Circle. Many of the auto rickshaw drivers across Le Royal Meridian know where it can exactly be found (the actual location is in a slum, and it is quite intricate).

If you are a foreigner, it is generally suggested that you ask the auto drivers to take you there rather than asking around Guindy.

Marijuana prices: Rs. 50 will get you about 2 grams.

Rs. 100 will get you about 4 grams.

If you have an auto rickshaw driver do your dirty work, you can expect at least double this price.

Marijuana brands: Purely home grown, generic weed. There is very little selection here.

More information: The weed is sub par, at best, filled with seeds and stems. However, it is inexpensive, which (partially) makes up for this.