Charlottesville, VA, Virginia

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 2

Legislation: Possession: Any amount (first offense) misdemeanor 30 days $500. Any amount (subsequent offense) misdemeanor 1 year $2,500.

another reporter added: “14 grams or less is a misdemeanor punishable by a 1,000$ fine or 6 months in jail at most, but most of the time they just give you 6 months of probation. Anything over 14 grams and they try to bust you for possession with intent to distribute. Also don’t carry any extra baggies, scales, nothing like that.

One good tactic that has saved my ass before is to carry a large pouch or rolling tobacco. When the cops pat you down they feel that huge baggy and their eyes light up, you pull it out and they see what it is and they back off, even if you had an eighth in your pocket too they won’t be able to tell.”

Law enforcement: Most of the cops in Charlottesville are strict on everything, so do not prepare to get a nice housewarming. Not many crooked cops here, so if you’re caught, your pretty much out of luck. Just be smart when smoking. There is plenty of wooded areas around your neighborhood where you can smoke in peace, where cops wouldn’t even think of looking. You won’t see many police cars patroling areas unless there is some sort of call first. Upper class neighborhoods MAY have some sort of patrol routine.

another reporter added: “The cops are a complete gamble in Charlottesville. Currently I attend the University of Virginia so when I am on grounds I deal with Campus Police and off grounds with Charlottesville-Abermale Co. cops. Usually the cops won’t bother you unless a party is too loud or you’re stumbling around (probably drunk)– generally those would be the only reasons cops would be around to smell smoke or be suspicious.”

another reporter added: “Like most cities, some cops will come across a parked smoky car, chuckle, and continue on their way. Others will scream at you to get the fuck out with your hands up and they’ll charge you with everything possible. Don’t smoke in public, stay inside or smoke while hiking on the trails around the city. There are also spots everywhere (‘the stumps’, ‘the playhouse’, etc.)”

and also: “Some are easygoing, a lot are assholes. Just don’t be stupid, be respectful to the cops (this is the south so “sir” is considered good manners and not ass-kissing), and if they *ask* if they can search you, just say no!”

Where to buy marijuana: Weed is fairly easy to come by but because of where Charlottesville is (it’s not really on a really busy interstate) there can be “dry” spells. Quality can range but more or less midgrade weed is generally what’s available although shwag is pretty common too. I should say that the midgrade can range. Sometimes it will have a lot of stems and seeds but sometimes it won’t have hardly any and can be like real good–maybe a little below KB or headies.

Charlottesville is to some extent, a college town and quite a bit of students smoke or at least do occasionally (more people like to drink, I think). The best thing to do is to ask around–use your knowledge of stereotypes (if they’re wearing a Bob Marley t-shirt or have dreads or are blasting 311, etc.). Outside the university C’ville is a yuppy town but there is a significant population of lower income people and generally these “townies” are the people who can get the best prices. The ones that deal will generally give much better prices than someone who is having it driven here from home (usually No. Virginia) although because UVa is known to be a school for a lot of rich kids, they probably do quite a bit of price gouging. The best way to find a townie dealer is through a job–especially a job in a restaurante or a fast food place (I don’t know why but food service people always seem to know where to find pot and this is for any city really). Ask around, especi ally the townies but if you’re a student then you can always ask other students.

another reporter added: “Check in front of the Mudhouse coffee shop (free water for cottonmouth!) but anywhere up and down the downtown mall really.

You could also try UVA but it’s a rich-kid college and they pay out the ass.”

and :”The best prices are in Garrett, the Charlottesville “ghetto”, but you have to know someone or you’re gonna get ripped off most likely.”

Marijuana prices: Prices for even mids can be outrageous although if you do some digging, there are some reasonable prices out there. Again higher grade weed is much harder to come by and much more expensive.


1/8 oz $30-$50

1 oz $200-$300


1/8 oz $15-$25

Haze, dro, etc.

1/8 oz $50-100

another reporter added: “Regs/Schwag (you know the shit) – $55/ounce

Low Mids (a step above schwag) – $15/eighth, $35/quarter, $120 or less/ounce

Mids (sativa highs, some seeds but not intolerable) – $25/eighth, $50/quarter, $150/ounce

High Mids (sometimes it’s really good mexi, sometimes it’s seedless warehouse indica) – $180 is the standard price for what’s in town as of this writing but it varies

Dank – 300 – 500/ounce depending on quality, a rip-off if you ask me”

and also: “Shwag – It’s rare to find true dirt brick shwag, but it costs around 50$/ounce

Mersh/Low Mids – 15$/eighth, never bought an ounce before

Mids – $20/eighth, $160/ounce – not bad weed, mexican great sativa high, you just have to smoke two or three bowls. Easily the best deal. One thing I’ve noticed here is that most of my dealers don’t give price breaks, kind of odd.

High Mids – $25/eighth, $180/ounce; High mids come in two flavors: really good mexican (it has seeds and is lightly bricked), and kiefed warehouse seedless. The warehouse weed sucks and just makes you feel tired, but great mexi is awesome.

Super-high-mids/Dank – 35$/eighth – 50$/eighth. The 35/eighth stuff is locally grown, sinsemilla and it has trichomes but it isn’t the greatest stuff out there. It has a very distinctive taste, but I don’t like it much because the high is shortlived. The 50$/eighth stuff can be really good skunk or over-priced wet beasters. I hardly every buy dank, it’s all body highs and not worth the price compared to good mexi.

Headies – 65$/eighth This too is overpriced imho, but it’s generally very very good. Five hits and you’re done for the night. It’s really trippy too, the last time I smoked it I had mild open-eye hallucinations.”

and: “Shwag – less than 100/ounce, true shwag is rare

Mids – 15/eighth

High Mids – 20/eighth

Decent beasters – 25/eighth if you know the right people

Dank – 50/eighth

Headies (Sour Diesel, Purple Kush, White Widow, etc. etc.) – 20/gram”

Brands: Weed is hardly every named here, except in special cases. Trainwreck, AK-47, Blueberry, I’ve heard of all these strains being in town but most of the time weed is unnamed no matter how great it is.

More information: “Since I’m a student at UVa, this report is much more oriented for students. A lot of people will try and rip you off (they assume you’re a rich kid from NoVa) but it cannot be emphasized enought to find a good, reliable, as non-sketchy as possible “townie” (=Charlottesville native) dealer cause they have the most consistent supplies and the best prices.

Students at the University are generally accepting or tolerant of pot and it’s not totally uncommon for people to light up at parties although don’t be obvious about it cause you might get kicked out or the cops might come by and smell it and then everyone is screwed. Again the University is pretty tolerant, there is a very live and let live sentiment and generally you don’t have to worry about being snitched on.

Sorry things are so sketchy right now. Bring your own weed unless you know someone in town, and don’t try to buy weed in Garrett as most of those guys live off ripping off white kids who wander over from the downtown mall.