Charleston, SC, South Carolina

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 1.5

Legislation: If caught with 2 oz or more you are charged with dealing and face a fine and however many days in jail. An additional fine is also added if you are caught with 2 oz or more within 300 ft. onf a school. Anything less and you’re just charged with simple possesion and have your licence suspended if caught while driving.

Law enforcement: They got better things to worry about, but won’t double think busting you.

another reporter added: “Cops are bad, and there is a lot of them. Mount Pleasant is bad, and the Isle Of Palms (especially by the Windjammer and the other beach-type restaurants) is worse. ”

Where to buy marijuana in Charleston: The better the hookup, the better the weed you are going to get. Though if your a tourist and in an emergency, you should go to CofC, or in/ or around the Music Farm and surrounding parking garages. On the Isle of Palms, look for stoner type/ indie kids, they can usually lead you in the right direction. One tip of advice is never look like a stereo-typical tourist.

Charleston marijuana prices: 1/8=$50

In 1/8s

Shwag – 10$

Beasters – 20- 30$ (Mids)

Kush – 30-50$ (Some Kush is really good though, most of the time though it’s decent)

Northern Lights 50 -70 (50 if you have a hookup, and its readily available. It goes up based on hookup and availibility.)

Black Russian, Afghan Kush, Hash, danker stuff depends on the dealer. But is typically overpriced.

Brands: Mostly Beasters, and Lower of the line Kush. In weeks leading up to holidays, there is a higher demand and better stuff comes.

More information: Be smart smoke in houses, or anywhere away from the police.