Catania, Sicily, Italy

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: In italy if you’re caught with less than 500 mg THC (about 5 gr. low quality hash or 2,5 high quality hemp) they only make you an administrative fine, with more, you risk a trial for dealing.

Law enforcement: In Italy the laws are often read personally, so if you are a cute girl maybe you can joke cops if you are some kind of immigrant you’re a little bit fu**ed up.

any kind of amount over a couple of joints goes with you to the police office.

Where to buy marijuana: CENTRUM – Piazza Teatro Massimo Area -> This square is the main smoking area by nights , so if you need some few joints during nights you can ask 4 a pub called “fondo bianco” which is full of pushers or going to the “nievskij scalinata – ladder?” – those places are for tourists in the nights, if you need some more big quantity there is a Napoli-style drug supermarket in the Quartiere S.Cristoforo a diagonal from via Plebiscito near Castell’Ursino, you see a lot of shaved heads which are criminal kids who will surely help you. and if you look around you see kids standing still at certain corners throu the whole noon selling pot like in jamaica.

Marijuana prices: Stecca (USUALLY 5/10/20Bucks) – 2/5grams

25 grams – 70 euro

50 grams – 120 euro

100 grams – 200 euro

1KG – 500euro (From August to October usually and supreme quality) 1KG – Rest of year – from 500 to 1000 euro and less quality except the sottovuoto one without air.

SKUNK or Indoor weed @ 8/10 euro for 10 grams.

Hash Usually Bad , if good at 10€/gr

Brands: SICILIAN SATIVA – A Quality grown In Glasshouses throu the entire sicily , mostly grown in Pachino And Ragusa Area, Siracusa Highlands, Catania’s Province,Francofonte, and other small insignificant towns which produce it for the entire island.

More information: The Difference Visible from rest of italy is that you can realize where the mafia is present like calabria sicilia puglia & Campania you have big quantity for few money for example in puglia u buy hash for less than 1 euro per gram, in sicily and calabria you have local sativa for 0.50/1€/gr and in campania you have swiss weed for 3/4 euro x gram even 2.5 sometimes, and theese are places in italy where you have weed , the entire remain of italy is filled with often good quality hash with prices usually from 2 till 10 euro