Cartagena, Columbia

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: Thanks to the bush administration we’re now fumigating the forests of colombia trying obliterate cocaine, which by the way is seriously harming the natives. Because of this colombia has to act like they don’t tolerate drug use even though cocaine and marijuana are still easily accessible.

Law Enforcement: Always be discrete when using marijuana. Police is everywhere in Colombia and if they catch you using weed, it would really be an easy way for them to get a good bribe from you.

NEVER TRAVEL IN COLOMBIA WITH YOUR WEED. Police deeply search your bags and there are dogs at every airport.

Where to buy marijuana in Cartagena: In Cartagena, go to Getsamani around 6-6h30 PM. Your best spot is at on the Calle de la Media Luna and you’ll eventually get approached by a street dealer. Just watch out for the cops, but no rip-off the two times I went there. Once you purchased, go directly to your hotel to stock up the weed as you never know if the dealer is hooked with police.

Marijuana Prices in Cartagena: Marijuana is sold by small packs of 1g which costs 1-2 USD

Marijuana brands in Cartagena: Well, colombian… Soft and delicous, a real treat,if you enjoy outdoor grown weed.