Cape Town, South Africa

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4.3

Legislation: possession, as in Johannesburg, is illegal. If you are caught you will likely get your weed confiscated, but as long as it is only a small amount a fine will be the harshest of penalties. The general hysteria at the moment is tik (crystal meth). This largely overshadows weed.

Law Enforcement: Police tend to target the producers and dealers with big busts rather than the man smoking on the street. There is also the ADT (main security/ armed response) they drive around in Cars, on bikes and on foot. Be wary of the drivers and their vicous egos, but the riders and walkers will likely sell you weed.

Where to Buy Marijuana in Cape Town: Mainly Nigerians and Rastas. These Nigerians are often refugees without work permits and thus have to deal. They will generally identify themselves with rasta colors. A good way to find out if someone will sell is to say something like: “Chise Iree” or “Do you have ganja” or rub your fist in on palm as if mulling weed in it. This is well recognized.

Cape Town Marijuana Brands and Marijuana prices:

Good swaz for about R50 a bankie. Price goes up to R100 or R120 for very good weed. Often sold in grams at R20+ per gram.

Another type of weed is turries which is very cheap and very crap. It can be easily found in townships and is often sold by bergies (hobos). Some people can take this stuff but it really is very low quality. It is rather yellowish in colour.

Brands: Mainly Swazi (from swaziland). This is my staple diet down here. You can buy other weed from shops in town. A good name to remember is “African Village”, above “Little Amsterdam”, a head shop in town.

More Information: It is good to keep in mind South Africa’s previous ‘apartheid’ regime.

A reporter of had this experience: I bought one bankie,and was caught by police.I`m a foreigner tourist.

I spent 12 hours in prison,and payed a 200 rands fine.

Other then that,I was scammmed twice before getting the ganja that took me

to jail.

Cape Town is rough for ganja.

Hope this helps others.

African prisons SUX!!! so stay away from them.