Canton, MI, Michigan

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: The penalty for the use of marijuana is up to 90 days in jail and a fine of up to $100.

Possession of marijuana in any amount is punishable by up to one year in jail and a fine of up to $2,000, unless the possession occurred in a public or private park, which increases the penalty to a possible 2 years in prison.

Law enforcement: The law enforcement in Canton consists of a bunch of cops who have nothing better to do then bust the pot smokers. The township consists of many families, with little crime. Marijuana and other drugs are at the top of the list for the cops.

Where to buy marijuana: If you know a lot of people, it may be easier. In most cases you may want a friend to buy for you to avoid unwanted instances. Its a lot of who you know when in Canton, and it is dry around here a lot. Most people here are stoners, although 9 times out of 10 for myself I noticed it comes from places other than Canton.

another reporter added: “It helps to know people. Canton is the definition of suburbia. Never ask somebody off the bat if they can can or they know anybody who can get you weed. Basically, if you don’t know anybody, you’re screwed. ”

Marijuana prices: $50 for half a zip bag

Marijuana brands: Chronic, KB, Orange Kush, Strawberry Cough, Poopy Regs

More information: You can ask anyone generally if they smoke or not, if they say yes then you can ask if they know any dealers… It is not wise to ask them or anyone straight off where you can buy weed. The people around here are generally kind, and the people that don’t smoke most likely know someone who does anyways, just be kind and you’ll get what you want.