Cancun, Mexico

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3.5

Legislation: The “Codigo Penal” law at “Articulo 195Bis” specify a max. of 250Grams to be considered personal consuming and not to be procecuted. And 5Grams of Hash. But many local laws are in conflict with this federal law. So many states and cities are more “illegal” than others.

Law Enforcement: Police are all corrupt and will look for big money off you if caught. The average cop in Cancun retires at 45!

Where to buy marijuana in Cancun: Flea Markets. Taxi drivers. Bought some decent bud at the local flea market where the guys had it stashed under some t-shirts for sale!

Bought the best smoke on the isla Mejeures trip where the guy had nice bags stashed inside a hi-fi which also doubled as a till for money.

Another reporter added: “Was at my all inclusive hotel for ten minutes and just walked up to the first guy who looked like he partied and asked him if he knew where to get bud. He took me to his room and we toked a bowl of average, brown mexican weed. He gave me a phone number of a taxi driver who would hook me up. Taxi driver came within a few hours and I got some green and white cheap.”

and also: ” go to just about any small shop, there is a flea market right on the main road just go into one of the shops and look at pipes or something and somebody will usually come up and ask if u need any smoke or sniff. if you say yes they will bring you upstairs where you can get just about anything you want there.”

Cancun marijuana Prices: $100 for nice big bag probably around 10g. You can barter with the guys for a better price.

Another reporter added: “$20 U.S. for about a quarter ounce of dark-green (Indica maybe) average tasting weed, but the high was really good. Only needed a pinner for a great buzz.”

Cancun marijuana Brands: Don’t know but usual normal weed with a few seeds etc and not very sticky. The stuff from the Island was a laughing tonic and we did enjoy it.