Cairo, Egypt

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: Illegal to possess or consume marijuana, and very long jail time, though the laws are not set in stone and will be dependant on the judge’s ruling.

It’s considerably hard to be caught with hash or weed within Cairo. There are no worries of cops if you happen to be driving down the road with a joint in hand as long as there are no road-blocks. Try and stay in secluded areas: apartements and hotel rooms are best. Many cops wont even bother you especially if you are a foreigner. If you do get in a situation, show your Foreign Passport and speak in your national tongue, keep saying “embassy” and you probably will be left alone. Having a heavy load of weed or hash can however be rough. Jail is not the place you want to go in Egypt. And currently, police can hold you 24 hours beforeletting you see your embassy. So be cool, just as you would anywhere else.

Law enforcement: From place to place it varies but generally the police are ignorant and don’t place a priority they are sensitive to marijuana as being criminal as culturally its somewhat acceptable and has the highest majority of pot heads in the arab world. Though still take caution and dont place yourself in situations of needless risk.

another reporter added :”Local cops wont bother you, but as soon as you see clean white uniforms, sunglasses, and walkie talkies stay cool, these are the officers and are not so leniant. Security guards in Hotels and such are unable to do anything so dont worry about them. They may complain but wont get you arrested, unless trouble is started. ”

Where to buy marijuana in Egypt: Like the rest of the middle east theres no seedy downtown alley or central park where dealers come up to you, though unlike the rest of the middle east asking someone usually yields good results, start some friendly chit chat with the locals and ask them to set you up, it should be fairly easy but be careful who you ask as some people are religious and will be offended. Taxi Drivers, Tour Guides, (occasionally the police!) waiters , coffee shop staff and normal people sipping tea will be more than happy to set you up, egyptian people are extremely friendly and likable and will leap at the chance to have a conversation with a foriegner( dont be scared there not try to hustle you, there genuinely friendly, its not uncommon to get invited for lunch and to spend time with thier families!), just make sure you dont ask middle class people or women or religious scholars that wont yield anything. Marijuana there is a drug for the poor, alcohol is seen as pre stigious and classy and notably unaffordble to the normal egyptian. though egypt in general is pretty easy to score in, take in mind egyptians think that all tourists are loaded with money and willl try their best to make u part with as much money as you can.

another reporter added: “It’s easy to find weed or hash anywhere in Cairo but be cautious. Many-a-times have I gone to buy an irsh or 3 grams of hash, and come with amphetimines and other additives such as Ping spray, coffee, henna, camel shit, etc. Look for hash that is lighter brown and softer, prefferably maleable. Ask local taxi-drivers if no religious prayers are being blasted through the speakers, or see any religious symbols in the taxi. Waiters in shisha cafes (hookah/water pipe cafes) depending on the area and quality of establishment will be able to hook you up. When in Cairo, go to Road 9 in Maadi, there is a hookah place near the Metro Station without a name or building. There are chairs outside around white tables, ask the waiter to take in order (english is fine anywhere in Maadi) ask for some Sheesha and tea or whatever you may want, when the waiter returns with your stuff ask him for something special or something “else” to smoke, dont be hesitant to wink. ”

Egypt marijuana prices: Prices Vary greatly depending on your nationality, whites will be charged a fortune for whats relatively cheap! arabs blacks and brown colored people can expect to pay less yet still ripped off. Bargain it down and remeber in general its cheap and you should pay no more than 5USD for 10 grams of good stuff. Also bring a bit of cheap liqour with you this can easily be traded for a good pile of marijuana , by doing this you avoid the pitfalls of being overcharged, and you get an excellent deal seeing as how u get more than the bottles worth in marijuana.

another reporter added: “Regular Hash-100LE an irsh (coin) – 3 grams.

Better quality(i.e. morrocan, lebanese…)-120-150 an irsh- 3 grams

Weed- 20LE for “a paper” 1/4 o

Be careful about the weed as well, its not uncommon to have additives in it either. If weed is what you desire, don’t expect much. Ask for sudanese or morrocan even afghani. ”

Brands: Maroc Hash including red blonde and honey, as well as oil, Sudanese Bongo, Lebanese Red and Blonde. And the local sinai weed though thats getting considerably hard to find nowadays.

another reporter added: “Egyptian hash-hard, dark color.

Lebanese Blonde-light golden brown, softer

Buscuit Hash “biscoota”-soft light brown

Morrocan Black- black, clay-like.

Aim for light brown and soft most of the time unless dark and soft. Look for any imperfections in the middle of the peice after you break it. Look for color splotches, any foreign matter other than tricromes. If anything seems foreign DENY DENY DENY.

More information: If you can find it go for the hash oil, potent and nowadays rarely found outside the middle east, and enjoy some bongo in the local shisha pipe (hookah).