Burke, VA, Virginia

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 2

Legislation: Possession

Any amount (first offense) misdemeanor 30 days $500

Any amount (subsequent offense) misdemeanor 1 year $2,500

Cultivation Any amount felony 5 – 30 years $10,000

Sale 1/2 oz or less misdemeanor 1 year $2,500

1/2 oz to 5 lbs felony 1 – 10 years $2,500

Law enforcement: Police like to go out of their way to bust smokers. They will commonly pull you over for something like speeding a few miles over the limit, and then ask to search your vehicle. Of course you can always refuse consent to search, but if you are holding, your best bet would be to try to obey all traffic rules and speed limits to the dot, simply to avoid police conflict… especially if you are an 18 – 25 year old male.

Where to buy marijuana:

If you aren’t from here you will probably most likely get hooked up with mids. We have some decent mids here, even some sticky middies ( although sometimes uncommon). If not then you will get KB, most likely some red haired KB nugs or beasters

A good place to go is University Mall, It is right off of Braddock Rd. Lots of people that hang out over there smoke, so you can just ask them.

Another equally good, possibly better place to look for bud is at the Wendy’s on Burke Center Parkway, there will usually be people hanging out there, parked outside on a Friday or Saturday night. Most of them are probably waiting to meet someone for bud there anyway, so if you ask they will probably have some you can get when their connect arrives.

The Shell – yes, the gas station, it is right next to the Wendy’s, and people often hang out in front it and show off their cars. You can ask anyone of these people. The locals call them “The Shell Crew”.

Bowl America – It is the last place you want to go to look for bud… However, it is still a place to look. You would have no issue finding it there, you just have to ask the right people, and make your deals either in the parking lot or the bathroom.

Marijuana prices: EXPENSIVE AS HELL! ( especially if you are an out of towner)

Mids – *10/g *1/8 30 -35 * 1/4 50 – 60 *1/2 80 – 100 *1oz 140 – 160

KB – *15 – 20/g *1/8 – 50 * 1/4 80 – 100 *1/2 120 – 150 *1oz 200 – 300

Heads – *20 -25/g *1/8 50 – 60 *1/4 100 *1/2 150 – 175 * 1 oz 300 +

Marijuana brands: Mids,KB, Chronic, Beasters,Trainwreck ( fairly uncommon),Kush (uncommon)

More information: If you want to smoke outdoors, woods are good. Just don’t go to royal lake park. If you want to go on a “Jay Ride” just head past Burke Lake Park and go to Clifton. Everyone likes to go drive around Clifton and blaze in the car, because it is the only place in the area that you can get away with it. Rich people live there, so, so cops don’t even hang out over there ever… thats why they still don’t know that its like the DUI capital of the state!