Buffalo, New York

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4.5

Legislation: Marijuana is illegal in New York state, and so is any activity related to marijuana (possession, cultivation, and of course dealing).

For small amounts (less than 25 grams) first time offenders, there is no Incarceration, and a fee of $100.

Punishment for possessing a small but commercial quantity is 1-3 years (not less than 1, not more than 3).

Updates from criminal justice officials in NYC:

“1- By law, you’re supposed to see a judge within 24 hours of arrest

2- 1st time small amount offenders are almost always offered to have their cases adjourned 1 year and dismissed so long as they are not rearrested. IN all likelihood rearrests in other jurisdictions will not have the case reoppened.

3- It is not a crime to posses small amounts, I do not have the exact weight off hand. It is only a crime if you pass a threshold weight, you have your weed in public view or it is actually burning.

4- They will arrest and prosecute you for residue: e.g., an empty pipe or bag.”

and a later update: “Apparently one of our local senators recently recovered from prostate cancer, so now his eyes have oppened toward medical marijuana legalization, N.Y. has also made some decriminilization efforts, i.e. less than 25 grams, (almost an ounce), you will get off with a “violation” and a $100.00 fine.”

Law Enforcement:

Marijuana is technically illegal and most of the time you won’t get busted for personal stashes. Pushers get hassled often. It’s not a good idea to walk down the street smoking. But I have smoked in broad daylight.

It really depends on the cop. And most cops will go harder on a minority than a white. Buffalo only has one officer car so they’ll be less likely to stop and mess with some teens just because they’re stoned.

Our latest reporter tells us: The police in the city of Buffalo basically do not care about weed. They have more important things to do. They have actually given me back a blunt, thrown the weed out and let me go, they also told me one time “thanks for the free smoke” I ride around regularly in my car smoking blunts it’s one of my favorite things to do. The only people who really have a problem with weed and cops are the sellers, which in buffalo is alot of bud houses and teenage hustlers on the street.

Where to buy Marijuana in Buffalo, New York: Well Buffalo has a huge weed smoking population I travel to every side of buffalo and they all love pot. North, south, east ,west. and riverside. Here I will tell you where. North is hard unless you know someone, check Hertal ave. ask around if you feel comfortable

South Buffalo, check the first and second wards is your best bet, ask young people.

East side, now this is your Best place to get budz, AZ to purple haze. There are bud houses and dealers on Best st, Jefferson, Filmore, Bailey, Sycamore, Broadway ave, wilson, reed, pershing and many more. Sometimes there’s 4 or 5 places to get weed on the same street. Ask around and your sure to find it in less than 20 min! I have a certain many bud houses I go to. Kids on the street may also have weed for sale. Weed houses are the most liked on the east side as they provide convenience and ease of purchasing marijuana. To go to a weed house you are likely to enter to a side or back area of the house. There you will see a door or window with a mail slot or hole in the door. Knock or ring bell when the person gets on the other side of the door you put your money through the hole and at the same time say 1, 2, 3 or how ever many 5 dollar sacks you want. So if you wanted to spend 25 dollars you’d say 5. Get it? Trust the marijuana houses they won’t steal your money cause they don’t want you shooting up there house or anything get it?

Ok on to the West side…the corner of Vermont ave. and Normal ave. also Niagara st., Grant St. Richmond for your high class weed dealers. Over all the west sides bud is better than the east side bud but a little harder to find.

Riverside is just north of the west side, It’s not a good place to find weed unless you know someone. If you must, Ontario st. or Tonawanda st. you are likely to find it if you ask enough. But beware of the Narcs’ still left over the the crack stings of the early 90’s!

Buffalo New York Marijuana Prices:

Most people in Buffalo will sell you gram of AZ for $5, a gram Purple HAZE for $20, or if you know someone then of course as much as you like but prices for an ounce of purple haze or Cheese have been up to as much as $650.

Marijuana brands: Buffalo gets alot of weed from BC Canada, New York City, and home growers right here in the chicken wing city. I’ve had many, many types of weed I’ve smoke most of the cannabis cup winner strains and i’ve found people who had them here in Buffalo not all the way in Amsterdam. AZ, Cheese, Blueberry (real blueberry strain) G13, Sour Diesel, purple haze, silver haze, Colombian gold, kush, strawberry cough, purple kush, and many more. Next which ones ruled Supreme!

More information: When buying on the East or West side be wary. You can easily get mugged for your money.

With 17 years of smoking experience under my belt; knowing growers; sampling weeds and sharing my enthusiastic interest with others I feel I’m more than qualified to report to you fellow smokers. When I sample bud for the first time I look at it, then look at it closer and squeeze it and see if it bounces back or sticks. If it sticks like marshmellows then that’s good! then smell it again and again and suck the smell through my nose hard like a true Marijuana conisuer. Then I smoke it and taste it and smell the smoke that escapes the blunt. Take a big hit now, Shot gun it if you want and truley taste a hit from the big budda cheese blunt for example, so much aroma so much flavor. But not all smelly weed is good. Green smell is not good that means the chlorophyle hasn’t left completely, nice flowery smell is good, or funky ammonia smell, blueberry for blueberry weed and strawberry for strawberry kush of course. Overall though a stronger smell indicates a stronger high. The stickier the better.

My FAVS Colombian gold, G13, Sour Diesel, Purple Haze.

joints and blunts only give you 28% of the THC

Bongs and bowls only %78

Vaporizer at %92 THC intake is by far the most economical. Although clumsy, loud and not that much fun. You can save money buy purchasing one.

Some good places to smoke and relax are by the Niagara river/Lake Erie at what’s called the “foot of Ontario” or another place called the “foot of ferry.”