Buenos Aires (Mar Del Plata), Argentina

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4.5 in Winter, 3.0 in Summer

Legislation: Possession is decriminalized. Sale, transport, and cultivation remains illegal. Smoking in public is frowned upon. Medicinal use is accepted but no regulated or protected by law. Around 5 grams or less is considered legal for personal use. The police may stop you for smoking and carrying marijuana. People still openly consume in streets or parks.

Bribing officials has been reported to work.

Law enforcement: The city is empty in the winter and police are hard to come by. Keep your eyes out when smoking in beaches or parks. In the summer you will see a lot of police officers in the streets, some acting undercover as civilians. The south beaches are a good place to smoke and chill without worrying about the law.

Where to buy marijuana: Your best bet is to go to Reggae Concerts, Parks, Beaches and follow the smell. Ask in the beaches and look for stoner friendly people to ask. Most people are friendly to tourists.

Marijuana prices: The cheap marijuana is not going to be high quality. Cannabis is cultivated in the jungles of Paraguay and compressed into big bricks for transportation. Quality varies from brick-to-brick but is not to American and European standards. However it is still cheap, at 20 dolars for 40 grams of pot.

Types of Marijuana: Brick Pressed Paraguayan weed includes a mixture of Sativa and Indica plants seeds and stems in a brick , if you are VERY lucky you will find a grower and you can buy top stuff and possible indoor grown dank.

More information: Be careful where you go. Don’t go to “Villas”. Enjoy the parties but don’t get too intoxicated.